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How tall is Ironhide in transformers the movie?

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Well Bumblebee is 18 feet tall and Ironhide seems to be a bit taller so my guess would be 22-25 feet tall.

2009-07-03 16:32:48
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What kind of pickup is the Transformers movie Ironhide?

GMC Topkick

Did ironhide die in transformers?

no only jazz died in transformers

Does Ironhide Die in Transformers 2?

No. (That's good because I like ironhide.)

What kind of GMC is Ironhide from Transformers?

Ironhide's a GMC Topkick. But I think it was custom made for the movie.

Can the transformers in Transformers 2 smell things?

Yes, they can smell, at the beginning of the movie, Ironhide says "He's here, I smell him." You're welcome.

Does Shockwawe kill Ironhide in Transformers 3?

that is unknown as of now because the movie has not yet been released

How many transformers die in transformers 3?

Que Ironhide Whellie Brains

Did ironhide die in transformers 2?

no ironhide doesnt die in TF2 he dies in TF3 by sentinentel prime

Whose team was Ironhide on in the Transformers films?

Ironhide is the weapons expert of the Autobots. He is the oldest friend of Optimus Prime. In the Transformers film he is voiced by actor Jess Harnell.

Does Ironhide or Rachet die in Transformers 2?

No, neither of them die (:

Will ironhide die in transformers 3?

Yes by Sentinel Prime

What type of truck is ironhide in transformers?

A GMC pickup truck

Who does the voice for Ironhide in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen?

Well nobody actually acts the robots but the voice of Ironhide is Jess Harnell

How tall is bumblebee in transformers?

in the transformers movie he was 16 feet tall, in the 80s cartoon he was about 11 or 12 feet tall

What does ironhide turn into?

In the 2007 Transformers live action film , Ironhide appears as a modified GMC Topkick C4500 pickup truck .

Who was in the first transformers movie?

In the first transformer movie there was SAM witwicky his girlfriend optimus prime bumblee bee ratchet ironhide and jazz and many more characters

What was the model of the car in transformers 1?

The car used in the movie Transformers.............. Bumblebee(the yellow one)- 2010 Camaro SS Ironhide(the silver one)-2011(concept) GM Corvette stingray

Does Ironhide come back in transformers 3?

No. He is killed by Sentinel Prime

Is Ironhide in Transformers Prime?

No he isn't. He was going to be, but instead They put Bulkhead in it.

Does Starscream kill Ironhide in Transformers 3?

No list of this hasd been released as of yet and the movie does not come out until 7-1-11

What are all of the names of the transformers in the first movie?

Optimus prime, bumblebee, ironhide, ratchet, jazz, megatron, starscream, bonecrusher, brawl, frenzy and barricade.

Who are the autobots who die in transformers 3?

Ironhide, Wheeljack/Que and Sentinel prime

How does Ironhide die in Transformers 3?

sentinial prime shoots him with an acid gun

Does topspin die in transformers 3?

the only autobot thats dies is ironhide. :(

What is the gmc name in transformers?

The GMC truck is Ironhide. He is the Autobots weapon specialist.