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Jessica Lafrance is 5' 9".

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How tall is Michelle LaFrance?

Michelle LaFrance is 5' 7".

When did Adelard Lafrance die?

Adelard Lafrance died in 1995.

When was Adelard Lafrance born?

Adelard Lafrance was born in 1912.

When did Leo Lafrance die?

Leo Lafrance died in 1993.

When was Leo Lafrance born?

Leo Lafrance was born in 1902.

When was George LaFrance born?

George LaFrance was born in 1965.

When was American LaFrance created?

American LaFrance was created in 1873.

When was Yvon Lafrance born?

Yvon Lafrance was born in 1944.

When was Kevin Lafrance born?

Kevin Lafrance was born on 1990-01-13.

When was Noémie Lafrance born?

Noémie Lafrance was born on 1973-11-22.

What has the author Robert Lafrance written?

Robert Lafrance has written: 'Optimal currency areas'

How tall is Jessica Ashworth?

Jessica Ashworth is 5'.

How tall is Jessica Bleeker?

Jessica Bleeker is 4'.

How tall is Jessica Pressley?

Jessica Pressley is 4'.

How tall is Jessica Darlin?

Jessica Darlin is 5'2".

When was Ward LaFrance Truck Corporation created?

Ward LaFrance Truck Corporation was created in 1916.

What actors and actresses appeared in Departure - 2009?

The cast of Departure - 2009 includes: Marina Eva Jessica Lafrance Stacey Scannel as Bea Daniel Stefik

What actors and actresses appeared in Insight - 2014?

The cast of Insight - 2014 includes: Jessica Lafrance as Kate Duff MacDonald as Dom Kevin Yeboah as Nick

How tall is Jessica Biel?

Jessica is 5'8 (173 cm).

How tall is Jessica Kumanovski?

Jessica Kumanovski is 5' 6".

How tall is Jessica Landon?

Jessica Landon is 5' 3".

How tall is Jessica Lauschin?

Jessica Lauschin is 5' 7".

How tall is Jessica Layne?

Jessica Layne is 5' 6".

How tall is Jessica Lenz?

Jessica Lenz is 5' 4".

How tall is Jessica Lester?

Jessica Lester is 154 cm.

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