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Jessica Mance is 160 cm.

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What nicknames does Jessica Mance go by?

Jessica Mance goes by Jess.

How tall is Zeljko Mance?

Zeljko Mance is 150 cm.

What is the area of Vitrey-sur-Mance?

The area of Vitrey-sur-Mance is 13.48 square kilometers.

What is the area of Rosières-sur-Mance?

The area of Rosières-sur-Mance is 5,220,000.0 square meters.

What is the area of Betoncourt-sur-Mance?

The area of Betoncourt-sur-Mance is 3,720,000.0 square meters.

What is the area of Vernois-sur-Mance?

The area of Vernois-sur-Mance is 8,029,999.999999999 square meters.

When did Charlie Mance die?

Charlie Mance died in 2001.

When was Charlie Mance born?

Charlie Mance was born in 1900.

Who did jeanne mance marry?

jeanne mance did not marry anyone she was a nun!

What is the area of Mance?

The area of Mance is 7,390,000.0 square meters.

When was Jeanne Mance born?

Jeanne Mance was born on November 12, 1606.

When was Dragan Mance born?

Dragan Mance was born on 1962-09-26.

When did Dragan Mance die?

Dragan Mance died on 1985-09-03.

When was Joshua Mance born?

Joshua Mance was born on 1992-03-21.

When was Zeljko Mance born?

Zeljko Mance was born on June 2, 1952, in Zagreb.

How tall is Jessica Ashworth?

Jessica Ashworth is 5'.

How tall is Jessica Bleeker?

Jessica Bleeker is 4'.

How tall is Jessica Pressley?

Jessica Pressley is 4'.

How tall is Jessica Darlin?

Jessica Darlin is 5'2".

When did Jeanne Mance die?

Jeanne Mance died on June 18, 1673 at the age of 66.

What is the population of Vitrey-sur-Mance?

Vitrey-sur-Mance's population is 267.

How tall is Jessica Biel?

Jessica is 5'8 (173 cm).

How tall is Jessica Kumanovski?

Jessica Kumanovski is 5' 6".

How tall is Jessica Lafrance?

Jessica Lafrance is 5' 9".

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