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How tall is Ryan ross?

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2010-07-21 21:10:47

Rumors are that Ryan is 5'9, 5'11 and 6'1.

I met Panic At the Disco at the Honda Civic Tour back in


Spencer is 6'4 and Ryan isn't that much shorter than him at all

and he's a bit taller than Jon and a lot taller than Brendon. I'm

certain he's 6'1.



Ryan is 5'9" and a half. Spencer is 6'2". Brendon is 5'8 and a

half. Jon is 5'11"



Ryan is taller than Jon, and Jon is 5'9". Ryan must be 6'.

Brendon is 5'10". Spencer is the tallest, and 6'2"

The truth is he is 6'1 and I don't know how tall the others


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