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Selena Gomez is 1.65 m which is equivalent to 5 foot, 4 inches.

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Q: How tall is Selena gomez now she is 20?
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When will Selena gomez turn 20?

Selena Gomez will turn 20 on July 22, 2012.

Will Selena gomez be 20 in the year 2014?

No. Selena Gomez will be 20, in 2012. Do the math correctly, please.

When does Selena gomez give birth?

Selena gomez is not pregnant or married, she is just 20

Are Selena gomez and justin bieber in love?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are going to get married when they're 20 years old.

Are miley cryus and Selena gomez the same age?

No Miley Cyrus is 20 and Selena Gomez is 18

How old are Selena Gomez and demmi lavato?

Selena and Demi are 20

Does Ross Lynch have a crush on Selena gomez?

No they have an age differnce Ross Lynch is 16 & Selena Gomez is 20

How many pairs converse sneakers does Selena Gomez have?

Selena Gomez has 20+ pairs of converse, she said so herself "I have Lots of Pairs of converse, I would proberbly say 20 or more"

Is demilovato younger than Selena gomez?

No, Selena Gomez(July 22, 1992) is older than Demi Lovato(August 20, 1992)

Is Selena Gomez over 20?

She turned 20 on the 22nd of July 2012

Did Justin Bieber want to get married to Selena Gomez?

Probably so it's up to him ask him on twitter he's 18 shes 20 now

How long is the song who says by selena gomez?

3minutes 20(:

How old was Selena Gomez when she and Taylor Swift meet?


What does Selena gomez' mom look like?

just search pics of selena gomez's mom and she'll come up:) she looks too young to be a 20 year old's mother but she had selena at 16

What are Selena Gomez's favorite shoes?

Selena's favorite shoe is a converse. She owns over 20 pairs of them.

Who is older Selena gomez or Demi Lovato?

They are both 19 but Selena Gomez is older (born in July 22, 1992 ) and Demi Lovato is born in August 20, 1992

Is it true that Selena Gomez is 20 years old?

yep she turned 20 on july 22

Is Selena Gomez going to be 20 in 2012?

Yes, on July 22nd.

When is Selena Gomez's next concert in Calgary?

20 September, 2012.

Does Selena Gomez date 14 year olds?

She is 20 get a life

Does Justin Bieber hates Selena gomez?

Yes, he hates her. Nope. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are in love. Justin Bieber DOES NOT hate the 20 yr old girl Selena Marie Gomez. SO, that is a complete "no".

Is Demi Lovato older than Selena Gomez?

Selena Gomez is a month older then Demi Lovato, Selena was born July 22, 1992 and Demi was born August 20, 1992.

How old is Helena Gomez?

Selena Gomez is 20 and lucky for her she can still keep up the amazing looks and voice. xx

Is Vanessa hudgens older than Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez?

yes demi and Selena are 16,vanessa is 20

Can a second grader date Selena Gomez right now that was born January 5 2005?

No. Selena wouldn't date a 2nd grader. She's not going to date someone 12 years younger than her. She's 20