How tall is a flamingo that is 5 feet tall?

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Umm, is that a trick question. It's 5 feet tall
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Can you be 200 pounds 5 feet tall and be a cheerleader?

Anyone can be a cheerleader; it doesn't mater how much you weigh. And as long as you are have the right attitude and you are ready to work you should be ok Okay you may be 200 pounds but you may work harder than every one of the cheerleaders eve if they are 90 pounds they could be ( Full Answer )

What is the normal weight for a thirteen girl who is 5 feet tall?

Answer . This depends on the person's bone structure, but anywhere between 90 and 100 pounds. The average is 94-95 pounds. Keep in mind that people come in all shapes and sizes and this is just an average. If you have concerns about your weight for your height, ask someone you can talk to about i ( Full Answer )

What is overweight for someone who is 5 feet tall?

Traditionally, the Metropolitan Life Insurance tables said that you should weigh between 95 to 115. It is more complex today, but it is safe to say that if you weigh more than 140, you might consider a diet. See your physician.

How many inches is 5 feet tall?

1 foot = 12 inches, meaning that 5 feet = 60 inches. You can use this link below for your troubles or google search a length unit converter.. 60 inches

How tall is a flamingo?

Different flamingos are different sizes. Yet the largest one can look a 40 year old man right in the eye! Maybe can even tower over him at 6' 3''.

Which is larger a 5 feet tall circle or a 5 feet tall square?

A square will always be larger than a circle with the same diameter. Draw a square, then draw a circle that fits inside the square exactly (that is, each of the four points shared by the two shapes exactly bisect each line of the square). The square contains the entire circle, plus all the extra are ( Full Answer )

Is sasori 5 feet tall?

No. Sasori is 164.1cm or in other types of measurements: 1.641 m 5.384 ft 64.606 in

If you are about 5 feet at 13 about how tall will you be at 21?

Probably a couple inches taller, but that depends on whether you're male or female. If you're female, you're already halfway through your growing. There's a chance you won't grow anymore, or you could gain a few inches and that's all. There are always people who break precident though and gain a ( Full Answer )

If i am 14 at 5''4 feet how tall will i be at the age 20?

It completely depends how mature you are. I am 5ft 4inches and I don't have armpit hair. Most of my friends are mature but are only a few inches taller than me. I am guessing if your not matured that you will be 6 feet tall or 5 foot 11 inches

Is 90 pounds fat at 5 feet tall?

no, that is a healthy weight for 5 feet tall and maybe even below averege but not fat, not at all.

How tall is 5 feet in cm?

There are sixty inches in five feet, and an inch is 2.5 (or more correctly 2.54) centimeters. 60 x 2.5 = 150 cm.

If your child is 5 feet tall can they sit in the front seat?

It depends, because my mom said you have to weigh 63 pounds! So if your can sit in the front if you weigh 63 pounds or more! If you weigh 62 and UNDER...SORRY! You have to wait till you get more fat!

How tall are flamingos at birth?

There are 6 species of flamingo and depending on the kind of flamingo and the size of the flamingo the size of their offspring varies. Also Flamingo's are almost like people and are very unique and though we can't see it they all are very different, so one flamingo baby could be a different size to ( Full Answer )

How tall am i if i am 5 feet in cm?

There are 12" in 1'. So, if you are 5' tall, that is the same as 60" (5 x 12 = 60). 1" is the same as 2.54 cm. 60" is therefore 2.54 x 60 = 152.4 cm. 5' = 152.4 cm

Im nine im 5 feet tall is that ok?

You're a little tall for 9 years old. I'm about the same height and I'm 9 years old as well. I am 11 and 4` 7 1/2. The average 9 year old height is 4` 4`` i found out recently!

I'm 5 feet tall and 110 pounds is that healthy?

Your body mass index is 21.5, which is About average for your height. 18.5 and under is too thin and 25 and up is overweight so id say your pretty healthy :) I'm 5'1" and weigh 113 and people say I look good! :) lol

How long should your lacrosse stick be if you are 5 feet tall?

I am a lcarosse player and a coach. What you do to measure the length of the shaft. (Stick part) Put your arm out straight and then put the stack next to or under your arm. What you then do is see the lenght of the stick size, and it shouldn'r be shorter than your arm. YOu mioght want to do somethin ( Full Answer )

How tall is the cliffhangerat flamingo land?

I don't know, but I can tell you that it is well over 100 feet. It is the tallest ride there and I've experienced it myself. Very tall though, as it used to be the UK's first and tallest S&S Combo

How tall is 5 feet and 4 inches?

5 foot 4 (or 5'4") is equal to 64 inches, which is equal to about 1.63 m. If you mean 'how tall' as in 'how tall relative to everyone else', quite short. The average American male is around 1.79 m, while the average American female is 1.65.

How tall is 5 meter to feet?

1 foot is exactly 0.3048 meters. Divide the number of meters by this number to convert it to feet.

How tall is 6 feet 5 inches in centimeters?

195.58 cm, algebraic steps below: 1) Convert feet to inches: . 6 ft . . 12 in 1 ft . = . 72 in. 2) Add 72 in to 5 in = 77 in 3) Convert inches to centimeters: . 77 in . . 2.54 cm 1 in . = . 195.58 cm.

How tall are flamingos in a metric unit length?

The largest species of flamingo, the greater flamingo, ranges 1.1-1.5 meters, with the largest measuring 1.87 meters. The smallest species is the lesser flamingo, which is about .99 meters tall.

How many inches is 4 feet 5 inches tall?

53 inches. Additional How to solve: Conversion Factors: 1 foot = 12 inches First convert the 4 ft to in. 4 ft x (12 in. / 1 ft) = 48 in Now add the 5 in: 48 in + 5 in. = 53 in.