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Height of Minare -e Pakistan: The base is about 8 meters above the ground. The tower rises about 62 meters on the base, thus the total height of minaret is about 92 meters above the ground.

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Q: How tall is the Minar e Pakistan?
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Which is taller the Eiffel tower or minar e Pakistan?

Eiffel tower is taller it is 1063 ft tall an minar e pakistan is 203 ft tall.

How many floors minar-e- Pakistan has?


What is Minar-e Pakistan?

Minar-e Pakistan ("Pakistan Day Memorial") is a monument in Pakistan. A link is provided for a picture and more information.

When was minar-e-Pakistan built?

Construction on Minar-e-Pakistan began in 1960 and was completed in 1968. Minar-e-Pakistan is located in Iqbal Park, Lahore, Pakistan, and was designed by Nasreddin Murat-Khan.

How many years took to build minar-e-Pakistan?

how many took the years build minar-e-pakistan

What is the most famous monument in Pakistan?

The most famous monument in Pakistan is Minar-e-Pakistan. Minar-e-Pakistan is constructed at the exact location where Pakistan resolution was passed in 1940.

Why is the Minar-e-Pakistan important?

it is important as we know that quaid e azam has made a country Pakistan ....its just because of we should give importance

Most famous one monument of Pakistan?

minar e Pakistan

How many fioors are there in Minar e Pakistan?

Pakistan has five floors

Who built minar e Pakistan?

Adam Husain

Why was minar e Pakistan build?

Minar e Pakistan has been built at the same location where Pakistan resolution was passed. This is a monument of independence of Pakistan and reminds us of the struggle our forefathers did to achieve this homeland for us.

What is the National tower of Pakistan?

The National tower is the Minar-e-Pakistan in LAHORE.

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