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As tall as a normal tiger. The only difference between a white tiger and a normal one is it's fur colouration.

Don't listen to that answer it is wrong it does not tell what the question asks

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Q: How tall is the average white tiger?
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What is the average height of a white tiger?

The average height of a white tiger is 4 feet long

How tall is a white tiger?

about 4-5 feet tall

What is the length of an average white tiger?

Since the white tiger is only a genetic color variation of the bengal, around nine to ten feet for an average male.

How does a tiger protects its self from its predators?

It blends in with the tall grass. Or if it's a white tiger, it blends in with the snow

What is the average gestation period for a white tiger?

A white Bengal tiger is pregnant for 15 weeks then gives birth to her tiger cubs and the most common litter size is 2 cubs.

What is the weight of a male white tigeradult?

The average weight of a male white tiger is 1.25 kg.

How tall does the average Bengal tiger get?

90 to 110 cm (35 to 43 in)

What is stronger a Siberian tiger or a white tiger?

white tiger

What is the average life expectancy for the white tiger?

the average life span of cat is 10 to 12 years

What is the German word for white tiger?

white tiger = weißer Tiger

What color is the white tiger?

white or the white tiger can be orange.

What is the average speed of the white tiger?

Tigers can run up to 35 mph.

What do you call a white tiger?

a white tiger

How is the White tiger different from the normal tiger?

They aren't different the White Bengal Tiger is just white and the Bengal Tiger is orange.

How long is an average white tiger?

Like all bengals, the white version can grow to ten feet or more.

What eats the white tiger?

A white tiger is a teritory consumer so no animal eats white tiger.

How tall is the average white guy?

7 inches

What is the species of the white tiger?


What do white tiger ears?

What do white tiger ears... what?

How much does a Siberian tiger cost?

The cost of a tiger can be as cheap as $2,000, and as high as $45,000, the average being about $6,500 or $15,000 for a white tiger. The price just depends on when, where and who you buy from.

Can a white tiger and a orange tiger have a white tiger?

Well it is possible but usually they don't have it

Is the amur tiger classified like the white tiger?

No. The white tiger is merely a gentic flaw of the Bengal tiger.

How would you describe a white tiger?

a white tiger is white with black stripes

Which is rarer white or golden tigers?

Golden tiger is rarer than the white tiger.Beacuse there are 200 white tiger are in the world.But there is only 30 golden tiger are in the world.So golden tiger is rare than the white tiger.

Why is the white tiger white?

A white tiger can only be born when both parents carry the unusual gene for white colouring. Not many tigers have this gene which leaves the Bengal tiger ( white tiger ) extremely endangered .