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She was about 5 ft tall, at the time she went into hiding. She went through a growth spurt during

the time in hiding, marked off on the wall in the annex each time her father measured her. The marks are still there. At the time of their capture, Anne was about 5' 4" tall.

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Who wrote the diary of Anne Frank?

Anne Frank wrote The Diary of Anne Frank.

Where is the diary of Anne Frank?

It is in the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam protected by the Anne Frank Foundation.

What religion was Anne Frank?

Anne Frank was Jewish.

What pets did Anne Frank have?

Anne frank had a cat

What religoin was Anne Frank?

Anne Frank was Jewish.

What was Anne Frank responsible for?

What was Anne Frank responsible for ?

Quotes about anne frank?

Sorry, I couldn't find any links that were about Anne Frank, only by Anne Frank.

What were death camps Anne Frank?

What kind of a question is this? What were death camps Anne Frank? My name is not Anne Frank.

In the diary of Anne Frank what did mr frank give anne as a present?

Mr frank gave Anne frank a diary in which she named kitty

What was the full name of Anne Frank?

Annelies Marie Frank, called Anne Frank Otto Frank was the father of Anne Frank - he survived the war, his wife and children did not.

Will you describe the life of Anne Frank?

Her life is described in great detail in the book, 'The Diary of Anne Frank' by Anne Frank.

What are some books about the Holocaust and Anne Frank?

Anne Frank: Lifetimes Anne Frank by Richard Tames a History for Today Anne Frank by Anne Frank House We all wore stars Memories of Anne Frank from her classmates by Theo Coster Holocaust: The Dent Atlas of The Holocaust the complete history Hope this was a help.

How old was Anne Frank when she went into hiding?

Anne Frank was thirteen when she went into hiding. anne frank was 13 years oldAnne Frank went into hiding at the age of 13 to 15.

Who was anne franks mother?

The mother of Anne Frank was Edith Frank-Hollander. Her father was Otto Frank. Anne Frank is known for her diary during the Holocaust.

What type of education did Anne Frank have?

Anne Frank had a good education yo Anne Frank had a good education ho Rachel!!!

What is the location of Anne Frank while in hiding?

Anne Frank was in 263 prinsegracht st. Amsterdam. Which is where the Anne Frank house now is.

What is some important information about Anne Frank?

* Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 * Anne Frank died in 1945

What kind of typhus did Anne Frank have?

anne frank had type a typhus

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