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his name is otto frank

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Q: Who is Anne Franks's dad?
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Related questions

Is Anne Frank's dad alive still?

anne franks dad is not alive

Is Anne Frank's Dad still living?

Anne Frank's dad, Otto is not living.

Why did Anne Frank call her dad pim?

Anne frank called her dad Pim because she just liked that name her dad called her Anneke Annely or even just plain Anne when shes in trouble he calls her Anne frank

What did Anne Frank do after her dad died?

Anne Frank died before her dad did. So that is not a logical question.

What is Anne Frank's dad called?

Anne's Dad's name is Otto Frank but Anne liked to call him Pim because they both had names for each other.

What does Anne admire about her dad?

Anne got along very well with her dad, she thought that he was the only one in their family who understood her.

What did Anne Frank's dad call her?

anneke anne annely

Who was anne and frank mum and dad called?

Anne Franks mum and dad were called Edith and Otto Frank. Her sister was called Margot and Anne was called Annelies Marie Frank!

What was pim's nickname for Anne Frank?

Otto Frank, Anne's dad.

Who was the first to greet Anne on her birthday?


When did Anne Frank's dad publish her diary?

When she died and her dad found it.

What did Anne Frank do when her dad died?

anne frank died before her father

Why did Anne call her dad Pim?

Anne simply called her dad pim because she liked that name:) it's a fact look it up on the book

What is mom and dad in Turkish writing?

Mom = Anne. Dad = Baba. In old Turkish, mom is valide. Dad is peder. But most of the people use anne and baba.

Who was Anne Frank's dad?

otto frank was the dad and Edith Holländer was the mum

Who was Anne Bolyen's dad?


What did anne's dad do?

Anne Franks dad worked in a spice factory but it later became a office. Anne claimes you could smell the spices all the way on the third floor. Learn more by reading Anne Frank a dairy by a young girl. --d.j.--

What building did anne and her family hide in?

they hid in the top of Anne's dad's work building.

Did the dad of anne have more children after the death of anne frank?

no......he didnt remarry either

How did Anne Frank roommates die?

the same way Anne did, except for her dad, who lived.

What was Anne Frank dad called?

Anne franks dads name was Otto frank

When was anne franks dad born?


Were did Anne Frank dad work?

In a shop

What was Anne Frank dad name?


When was Anne Frank's dad born?