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his name is otto frank


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anne franks dad is not alive

Anne Frank's dad, Otto is not living.

Anne Frank died before her dad did. So that is not a logical question.

Anne frank called her dad Pim because she just liked that name her dad called her Anneke Annely or even just plain Anne when shes in trouble he calls her Anne frank

Anne got along very well with her dad, she thought that he was the only one in their family who understood her.

Mom = Anne. Dad = Baba. In old Turkish, mom is valide. Dad is peder. But most of the people use anne and baba.

When she died and her dad found it.

Anne Frank wrote The Diary of Anne Frank.

anne frank died before her father

Anne Franks mum and dad were called Edith and Otto Frank. Her sister was called Margot and Anne was called Annelies Marie Frank!

otto frank was the dad and Edith Holländer was the mum

Anne simply called her dad pim because she liked that name:) it's a fact look it up on the book

Anne franks dads name was Otto frank

the same way Anne did, except for her dad, who lived.

The name of Anne Franks dad is Otto Frank.

Anne Frank used to call her dad 'Pim".Pim.

mum Elizabeth Howard dad Thomas Boleyn

Her dad is Micheal McClain and her mom is Shontelle McClain.

He published her diary in 1947 as The Diary of a Young Girl.

Anne Frank father is Otto Franck .He was the one who published the diary of Anne.

Anne Frank lived in an office building which her dad worked at.

she relyed on her dad and her friends she loved her dad more thyan her momk , WEIRDLY!

Her mom's called Anne and i dont know about her dad.

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