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Nelson Mandela had made a contribution to the end of South African apartheid by standing up for civil rights for black South Africans.

He was then elected as president of South Africa, where his example of forgiving and peacefully interacting with people who had recently marginalized and imprisoned him helped to unify the blacks and whites in South Africa.

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Nelson Mandela was the President of South Africa from 1994 until 1999. He not only worked to change the country during his presidency, he took action throughout his life. Some of the changes Nelson Mandela made was to transition South Africa away from the racist policy in place by the apartheid. He was also a strong supporter of education throughout the country.

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Nelson Mandela did many things for his country of South Africa. They include the cleanup of monetary policy, alliance with trade missions, and enforcing hard-left economic theory.

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he has brought freedom back to the world

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Q: How the actions of nelson Mandela made the difference?
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How their actions made a difference?

How did Nelson Mandela's action made a difference

Who made belief sacrifices?

Nelson Mandela

How did Nelson Mandela make peace?

Nelson Mandela made peace by terminating the apartheid regime. Nelson also laid the foundation for a new democratic South Africa.

How has Nelson Mandela made an impact on others' lives?

nelson Mandela made a impact on other peole lices by beung the first black president in south Africa

What do people think of nelson Mandela?

People think Nelson Mandela is a very important person who made a change in this world, by thinking about the country he wanted to live in, and thinking, "I don't want to live in a country like this, so I'm going to make a difference."

What made Nelson Mandela famous?

he was in prison for 27 years!

What tough decision did nelson Mandela make?

The tough decision that Nelson Mandela made; in my opinion; is the cancellation of racism and imposing equal human rights irrelevant to color or religion.

Why was Nelson Mandela a good president?

He was not that good, average at best, he was black, that was the novelty, remember we lived under a white racist regime up to that point, the fact he got in power was a great achievement.

How did the people feel during the apartheid?

The apartheid made Nelson Mandela feel unhappy. He knew he had to make a difference in peoples lives, if he didnt, nobody would.

Who said 'Your greatest fear is not that you are inadequate'?

Made in inaugural address of Nelson Mandela

What effect did nelson Mandela have on south Africa?

There are quite a number of effects that Nelson Mandela had on South Africa. He tried to end apartheid and unite all the citizens which made him a legend in the country.

How did nelson Mandela's values influence the choices he made in his life?

the answer to "what are nelson mandela's values" is .... that to get this question answered you must ask him yourself. Nobody can know unless he tells you. for you can not answer this question unless you can read his mind which you cant. I'm sure nelson Mandela will be Happy to tell the world his values if you just ask and say please