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How the importance and the use of data structures in the development of software industry?


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It is very faculty says the most important of all subjects in CS


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Yes, there are multimedia jobs in the IT industry and the are software development jobs in the IT industry.

the most importance is the software industry..

The IT (Information Technology) Industry is the umbrella industry under which software falls. Software would be considered part of the IT industry, along with other fields such as Hardware and Database, for example. IT industry related software development

The software industry is responsible for the development of software utilizing the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). See ( more information on that. The primary jobs are business analysts, developers, database analysts, and quality assurance engineers. Those roles play a vital role in the development and release of software. The IT industry is broader, unlike the software industry which focuses on the programming and creation of software. The IT industry covers a wide range of tasks however the primary objective is to utilize computers in the act of managing and manipulating data.

Testing is the process through which our intention to find bugs in the software.Importance of testing in software development life cycle is to improve reliability, performance and other important factors, which may define under SRS (software requirement specification). Customer can wait more for software release, but they don't like to work with defected software. Software testing has become the part of development and it is better to start testing from the development phase in order to avoid difficulty by correcting the bug at the last stage.

Enlight Software operates in the computer software development industry. Specifically, Enlight Software develops and sells a variety of computer strategy games, such as Capitalism, Restaurant Empire, and Seven Kingdoms.

computer science = in computer science we work on software development and solve the software problem. INFORMATON TECHNOLOGY = while in information technology we use software for the benift of industry and introduce software related to industry

Software development is important because with it we are able to upgrade and even do more with the growing technology that the world has. The development of more softwares will enable us to fully take advantage of the high technology that we have.

Yes, it can. In fact, Software Engineering and Software Development are almost the same, both requiring the development of software.

Qatar Softmedia is one of the best software development company in Qatar which has almost 10 years industry experience.

"microsoft software dominates the it industry "

Software development project management tools are very specialised according to what industry or organisation one belongs. Version One, Sage, Microsoft and others can provide bespoke or off the peg software according to the needs of an organisation.

Software development environment is where you can code your application and test it. Software development environment includes the combination of software & hardware require to proceed to develop (code/program) software.

what are the impact object oriented on software industry

Software systems are now omnipresent. Software is used to help run manufacturing industry, schools, universities, health care, finance and government. The computational power and sophistication of computers have increased ever since, while their costs have been reduced dramatically. The specification, development, management and evolution of these software systems make up the discipline of software engineering. The more powerful a computer is the more sophisticated programs it can run. Even simple software systems have a high inherent complexity so that engineering principles have to be used in their development. The discipline of software engineering discusses systematic and cost-effective software development approaches, which have come out from past innovations and lessons learnt from mistakes. Software Engineering principles have evolved over the past fifty years of contributions from numerous researches and software professionals. To solve actual problems in an industry setting, a software engineer or a team of engineers must incorporate a development strategy that encompasses the process, methods, and tools layers and the generic phases. This strategy is often referred to as a process model or a software engineering paradigm. A process model for software engineering is chosen based on the nature of the project and application, the methods and tools to be used, and the controls and deliverables that are required. In the software development process the focus is on the activities directly related to production of the software, for example, design coding, and testing. A development process model specifies some activities that, according to the model, should be performed, and the order in which they should be performed. As the development process specifies the major development and quality assurance activities that need to be performed in the project, the development process really forms the core of the software process. The management process is decided based on the development process. Due to the importance of development process, various models have been proposed.

Philippine Software Industry Association was created in 1988.

system soft were is most important part of computer . we can't see and tough it.

Software development is the process of creating software. A programming language is one of the tools used by software developers.

In Software Development two types of Methodology has been used, *Agile Software Development Methodology *Water Fall Methodology

James Schiel has written: 'Enterprise-scale agile software development' -- subject(s): Agile software development, EXtreme programming, Scrum (Computer software development) 'The ScrumMaster Study Guide' -- subject(s): Agile software development, Scrum (Computer software development)

A software development manager creates software for businesses. They analyze processes and create software in order to overcome the problems with existing software applications.

Computer software engineers are those in charge of software development. Software development, which means designing, programming and implementing of new software.

All industries are using the waterfall model for software development.

Examples of industry specific software are:- retail software (also called Point of Sale or POS software) for retail outlets- banking software for the automation of banks- healthcare software for the automation of clinics and hospitals- etc

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