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The cilia inside the trachea traps the small particles, then it is shot up the trachea to the esephogus to get destroyed by the stomach.


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the respiratory system and the digestive system share the Pharynx. The Respiratory system contains the eppiglottis, which keeps food going down the esophogus instead of the trachea

You have a sort of flap in the back of your throat called the epiglottis. When you swallow, the epiglottis flaps down over your trachea (windpipe) which prevents food from entering your respiratory system. So the epiglottis is what keeps food from entering the respiratory system.

NO! respiratory and digestive are the very essence of what keeps you alive

the 2 factors are the need of healthy lifestyle and healthy food, excercise keeps the heart rate going

help u breathe The respiratory system includes the heart and lungs. The lungs take in oxygen which pumps blood through the whole human body and to the heart. This process keeps the heart pumping which keeps you alive.

The epiglottis is a flap of tissue that sits at the base of the tongue that keeps food from going into the trachea, or windpipe, during swallowing.

Without our lungs exchanging the atmosphere gases in and the waste gases out, we would not exist! So our main respiratory system is what keeps us breathing and alive.

keeps the trachea open when the head is bent or turned

Since it hangs in the back of the throat and keeps food from going into your lungs, I would say it is part of the digestive system, found within the alimentary canal.

The epiglottis is the flap that prevents food and water from entering the trachea.

Peristalsis keeps your food going down into the digestive system.

The lungs work in the respiratory system by eliminating CO2 and providing O2 for the body. It keeps the body healthy by regulating the bodies pH and providing oxygen for the tissues.

Oxygen is passed through the lungs to bring oxygen to the blood to be passed through the heart and keeps oxygenating it.

The respiatory system keeps you from being a victim By helping you breath everyday As long as it works you'll be ok And you wont have to say that you miss them

It gives your body oxygen and keeps your brain and other organs alive. Without the respitory system you wouldn't be able to ask the question you just did.

The hair in the nasal cavity also known as cilia keeps dust and other impurities out of you nose.

By definition a line keeps going forever.

Yes, the space it occupies keeps the ball from collapsing in on itself and going flat.

That is the slogan for the Energizer company -- they have a bunny as their mascot, and say "it just keeps on going and going and going ..."

It keeps respiratory tract as well as lungs away from friction and provide smoothness to the pleural cavity.

respiratory is a fancy word for breathing. so if you breathe you stay alive. therefore if you dont breathe you die. it contributes in the fact that it keeps your blood pumped and filtered and allows for more oxygen to enter your body.

I would say that there is definitely one main exercise to improve the respiratory system which is running. Running long distance greatly improves your cardiovascular and respiratory systems and also keeps your body in good working order. Although running is not for everyone and a few more exercises are swimming, cycling and any other activity that requires you to have endurance.

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