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Generally speaking, the male POL fitting on the regulator should thread into the internal female threads of the new bottle and may not need to be changed out.

An old propane grill can be converted by removing the male POL fitting from the inlet of the regulator and replacing it with a new female QCC-1 adaptor. The new adaptor is available at your local propane company and they will remove and replace the fittings for a fee. You can see this at

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Q: How to Convert old propane grill to new propane tank?
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What if your gas grill propane tank is rusting?

You buy a new one

How do you Convert old propane tank to new propane grill?

Simple answer---You shouldn't. New propane tanks are now fitted with an OPD ( overflow protection device ) valve. A safety device with my save your life. Many companies which provide tank exchange services ( ) will switch out an old tank for a new one at no or a low fee.

Can I convert a large charcoal grill to propane?

You can, but in the long run it tends to be cheaper just to buy a new grill. It takes time and money to convert the grill.

Can you use an old propane tank on a new BBQ grill?

Actually depends on how old the Grill is and how old the tank is. All of the newer tanks have and outside valve threading and the new grills only work with that. Old tanks had an inside valve threading and new grill will not attach until you have the tank fitted with a new valve. If the grill requires the new tank, take the old tank and trade it in on a new tank. Most Gas stations offer this service and once the vendor get the tank, they replace the valve and put it back into service if the tank is tested good.

Shop around for best propane prices?

Before getting a new tank for the backyard grill, call some gas suppliers to get propane tank prices. Prices can vary as much as $10 per tank in a community. Refilling an old tank is often cheaper than getting a new tank.

Does any brand of propane work for my new BBQ grill?

There is only one type of propane that can be used for your BBQ. If you go to any store that sells propane for BBQs you will be able to purchase a tank of propane. However since this is the first time you will be connecting your BBQ to a propane tank you have to make sure that you have the right fittings and hose to connect to the tank.

HOW DO YOU KNOW whether a standard propane tank can be refilled?

An empty propane tank is exchanged for a new one, unless the tank is a fixed bulk installation.

Can you sell a used propane tank?

There are many places that will buy used propane tanks. However, there are also places you can exchange the tank for a new one for a reduced price. If you use propane for grilling, it is cheaper to do a tank exchange then to sell the tank and buy a new one.

Do you need lava rocks for a new propane BBQ?

You don't need them for a propane grill. I put them in though because I like the flavor it adds to what I am cooking.

How much does a 56 gallon propane tank cost new?


How much does it cost for a propane tank?

It depends on the size of the tank to how much it will cost. For a standard 20 pound tank, it will likely cost around $40. If you recycle your old propane tank, you can get a discount and the new one will cost less.

I need a new grill?

There are many great websites that have sales on propane grills. Some websites that may have propane grills on sale include and

How to Get the Most Out of Propane Grills?

Propane grills are a great way to grill up some delicious chicken, steak, fish, or anything else that can be grilled. Be sure to have a local place where you can get your propane tank filled to make things more convenient for you. Also, try to get the accessories that will make your time spent grilling more efficient and flavorsome. For instance, make certain that you have a burger if you are going to need to flip some burgers. This ensures that you and your family will have a wonderful grilling experience with a new or used powerful propane grill.

Convert natural gas fireplace to a propane gas?

buy a new fireplace.

How to Fill Your Own Propane Tanks?

Everyone is looking for new ways to save money. One cost saving measure you should consider is learning how to fill your own propane tanks. For safety reasons, you should first inspect the propane tank closely for any kind of damage before you ever try to fill it. Things you should be looking out for are dents and rust damage anywhere on the tank. Also make sure to inspect the fitting and nozzle on the top of the tank for any damage as well. Now you should check to see if the tank has expired. The date the tank was made should be stamped some where on the top of the tank. Check this date. If it’s twelve years past this date, the tank is expired. Take your tank to a store to be exchanged for a new tank. Now you have to find the weight of the tank. Check the information that was stamped on the top of the tank near its date. It should tell you the weight the tank is when it’s empty. This number will be preceded by a “TW,” which stands for tank weight. Weigh the tank and subtract the tank weight to find out exactly how much propane is left in the tank. Now you must find out the maximum weight of propane you can add into the tank. This information should come after the letters, “WC.” Remember this number as well as how much propane is currently inside the tank when you go to have it filled. Your propane dispenser should have a chart to help you convert this number so you know how much to fill the tank. Lastly, you need to fill the tank. Simply go to a propane dispenser and connect the dispenser to your propane tank’s fitting. Twist the valve, and the tank will start filling with new propane. You should also make sure to twist the bleeder valve open. This way when the tank is full some liquid will spray out to alert you it’s full. Lastly, close the two valves. Following these steps, refilling your own propane tank is easy and a great way to save money.

How can I use a forklift propane tank to grill with?

The forklift cylinder should have a 3/4 inch vapor outlet in it. A vapor valve can be installed in this outlet although a fill valve will usually need to be removed first. The cylinder can be filled and used through the vapor valve. Never try to hook up the liquid port that is used for a forklift to a grill. Or take the forklift cylinder to a propane dealer do to the high cost of forklift cylinders a used forklift cylinder is worth more than a new grill bottle. If you are highly experienced in piping flammable gases, you may be able to connect the fuel tank of a propane fork truck to your grill. This is a very dangerous thing to do and should not be attempted by any but the most experienced people.

Is propane that burns in a barbecue a physical or chemical change?

Propane burning is a chemical change. The propane reacts with oxygen. New compounds are the result of the process.Let me add a little more information to this. Propane stored in the tank is in liquid form under pressure (actually an equilibrium of propane gas in the top of the tank, and liquid propane in the bottom). When you open the valve, the gas escapes into the hose and goes to the burners.As the gas escapes, some of the liquid propane evaporates into gas form.The change from liquid to gas is a physical change.

Who can purge a propane tank?

only a qualified employee of a gas company should attempt to purge new tanks.

Where can I purchase a brand new propane tank?

There are many companies that offer a swap out service of your old, empty tank for new, pre-filled tanks. Rhino is one such company, and Rhino has many locations across the country.

Where can you buy Propane gas stove in Marshall MO?

There is technically no such thing as a propane gas stove. You would buy a gas stove, and then convert it to using propane with a propane conversion kit generally consisting of new burner orifaces Charlie's Appliance in Marshall is a good, reputable, factory-trained dealer. Give him a call.

How can you convert you paintball gun from CO2 to HPA do you need a regulator with your tank or just the tank can you fill it yourself?

You will need an all new regulator.

If you inject the smelling agent Ethyl Mercaptan into propane will it be toxic and adhere itself to the metal tank?

When produced propane and butane is odorless and colorless. Ethyl mercaptan is the odorant added to propane and butane in the processing and refining process to provide a detectable odor. Under certain conditions the odorant in propane may oxidize and lose its destictive odor. This odor fade can occur in new steel containers when first placed into service and in older steel containers that have been left open to the atmosphere. Air, water, or rust in a propane tank or cylinder can also reduce propane odor concentration. Ethyl mercaptan is toxic although the amount added to propane is non-threatening.

Where can I find the best deal for a new barbecue smoker grill? has various smoker grills at amazing prices. they have wood, charcoal, propane, and electric smokers in a variety of sizes and colors

How do you convert a furnace from propane to natural gas?

There usually is a metering device in gas valves for accepting natural gas and propane. You need to find out if yours has that ability or just purchase a new one which is inexpensive and probably the right way to go and install the new valve. That is the only adjustment needed.

How does a propane grill compare to a charcoal grill?

Propane grills differ from charcoal grills in that instead of heating the food directly, they heat grilling elements that radiate the heat to cook the food. Charcoal grills, however, cook the food by burning charcoal, which become embers and consequently cook the meat. While there is debate over which type is 'best', it should be noted that buying a charcoal grill is both cheaper and lighter, although it is more difficult to clean and new charcoal must be bought frequently.