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How to Level Pokemon up fast on diamond?

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If you want to level up pokemons quick eat a rare candy and it will get you up a level. You can also leave 2 of your Pokemon at the day care in soleason town and go around some towns with your bicicle(or running if you don´t have it yet) but this depends on much levels your Pokemon has and for each level it grows you will have to pay.A 3rd way is tradding it because exp. point will go double high!

just try and get fun!

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Is there a easy way to level up fast in Pokemon diamond?

keep battling Pokemon and people

Pokemon diamond how to level up your Pokemon to level 100?

Train your pokemon.

What the highest level a Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond can go up to?

level 100

How do you evolve bonsly in Pokemon diamond?

level it up to level 21

What does gabite evolve into in Pokemon diamond?

level it up to level 48

What level Pokemon can you control with the seventh badge in Pokemon Diamond?

any level up to 100

How do you level up Pokemon fast in Pokemon white?

Ask this question again but take out Pokemon. How do you level up Pokemon in white?

Pokemon diamond how to evolve onix?

level it up

How do you level up Pokemon fast?

go to the Pokemon league

How can you level up Pokemon fast in diamond?

Get the Exp. Share and give it to the Pokemon you want to level up. Be sure to put in your first slot. When you find a battle substitute your Pokemon right away for one that is really good. Then make your opponent faint. Your Pokemon should earn alot of Exp. points. It will then level up!

On Pokemon Diamond how do you get a empolion?

You have to get Piplup for the starter Pokemon and level him up or trade for it.

Were do you get the TM Mean Look in Pokemon Diamond?

Level up of certain Pokemon.

How do you get Lv99 Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

level up or action replay

How do you beat commender mars on Pokemon diamond?

level your Pokemon up to 80

On Pokemon diamond how do you evolve a hippototas into a hippowodon?

Level it up to level 34.

Where to get a bastiodon in Pokemon diamond?

level shieldon up to level 30 and you will have a bastiodon.

How do you level up youre Pokemon fast on Pokemon black?


How do you evolve staraivia in Pokemon diamond?

you battle and level it up

How does Pidgey evolve in Pokemon Diamond?

in Pokemon diamond the way you evolve pidgey is you catch it at level 51 and then all you need to do is get it up one level and it will evolve into pigeotto and then level up 1 level again and it will evolve into pigeot

How do you evolve turtwig in Pokemon crater?

To evolve turtwig [pokemon pearl/diamond] level it up to level 16.

How do you level up Magikarp fast Pokemon?

just level it up in victory road, pokemon league or any place that has strong pokemon

How do you get every Pokemon max level Pokemon diamond?

umm.......i THEM UP!!!!!!!!

How do you evolve staravia in Pokemon diamond?

You level it up to somewhere around level 35.

What is the best way to level up a flarion at level 20 on Pokemon diamond?

Train it.

How do you level up your Pokemon fast Pokemon ruby?

Give your pokemon rare candies.