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Evidence and professionalism. If you feel you're being sued unjustifiably, gather any documentation, pictures, phone messages, etc. pertaining to the case and use these to support your side of the story. Be detailed, professional in tone and answer only those points relevant to the lawsuit. No matter what happened in the past, it's usually not relevant to the specific reason for the lawsuit. Organize your evidence and defense and present it without bias or any obvious disdain for the plaintiff.

AnswerIf you have been served with a complaint. Contact an attorney who specializes in the area of law related to the lawsuit.
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Q: How to answer a law suit?
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Name the suit which you cannot wear?

A suit of cards _________________________ or a law suit...

What is a plaintiff in a law suit?

The plaintiff is the party who has brought the suit.

If a person is in a law suit and they properity for sale is that tied up in the law suit?

Yes, its called lis pendens.

What is a tort suit?

"Tort" implies a 'civil' offense. It is a suit for violation of "civil" law as opposed to a violation of "criminal" law.

Do a lawyer get 13 of a law suit?

Depending upon the agreement with the client, lawyers can get up to one third of a law suit.

In law suit settlement what is consider taxable?

Most law suit settlements are 100 percent taxable regarding the Federal tax code. Each state has different ways to handle the taxability of a law suit settlement.

Can you bring a law suit against an estate?

The same way you bring any law suit. File the lawsuit and name the estate as the defendant.

Who filed a law suit in The Crucible by Arthur Miller?

Giles Corey filed a law suit against Thomas Putnam for taking his land.

How can you report an employer who is not paying you?

Law suit

How can you find out if you have filed law suits?

Has an Avadian Law Suit be filed on my behalf

What is it called when a pregnant women files a law suit against the father for support?

a paternity suit

When a hospital is involved in a lawsuit what part of the health care team is responsible for participation?

Many people can be a party to the law suit. The director of each hospital will consult with his legal staff and prepare their response to any law suit. IF the law suit was filed against a doctor in the emergency room then that doctor will be a party to the case. The staff on duty who was directly involved could also be a party to the law suit. Your question is very braod. If you file a law suit the Insurance company who holds the liability policy will also respond with their lawyers.

Can you get punitive compensatory damages in a wrongful death civil law suit due to nursing homes neglect patient died?

in mediation civil law suit

What is the difference between a case and a lawsuit?

A law suit is a case A case is not necessarily a law suit. It could be a criminal case or other type of civil procedure.

What is a malpractice suit?

It is a civil law suit. It is typically brought by a client against a professional, such as a doctor or lawyer.

Who prosecutes violations of HIPAA?

YOU do. Violations of the law are violations of CIVIL law and the framework is in place to bring suit against a violator. . . all you have to do is bring suit and prove your case.

When filing a law suit do they go after the franchise store or the individually owned store?

It depends on who is legally liable in the suit.

How do you claim a malpractice suit from a vet?

You file a law suit against the vet. Consult with an attorney in your jurisdiction as to how to proceed.

What is a non tort law suit?

Torts are civil wrongs recognized by law as grounds for a lawsuit.

What does a Wrongful Death law suit involve?

A wrongful death law suit is a common law suit against a party that may be held liable for a death. They can be brought by families who have not been able to get justice through criminal law, or where a death is caused by negligence or other causes. For instance, wrongful death suits have been pursued against tobacco companies.

How many lawsuits does Walmart have?

20.000.00 law suit walmart has.

What are results of civil law suit against Cavanaugh?


A sentence for Vindicated?

After a 10 year law suit, I was vindicated

How much did Rodney king get in law suit?

3.5 million

Did mark zuckerberg lose a law suit?

No he did not lose the lawsuit.