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What ever you did, say that you are very sorry and you didnt mean to hurt her and you will never do it again and say lots of nice things about her.


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girl friend is a friend that is girl and not a best friend and girl friend is best friend

I'll satisfy my best friend that girl is not for you and girl is interested in me.

His best girl friend is Victoria Justice and his best guy friend is Matt Bennett.

then good for you. that's not all too uncommon. thats really good! i am a girl and my best friend is a boy! your lucky to have a girl as a best friend...

This means that of the girls he/she hangs around, you are the best of them. This is not to be mistakened with "girl friend". But a girl, that's a good friend.

if they are your best friend they should understand

where i can find new girl friend or best friend like girl?

there are three types of friendships. acquaintance, friend, best friend, and boy or girl friend there are three types of friendships. acquaintance, friend, best friend, and boy or girl friend

explain your mistake to your bestfriend, and let them know you're truthfully sorry about going out with the girl.

the best girl friend for you is someone whu loves you for you and not for your money or for anything dat you got.

he announced on the ELLEN SHOW that his best friend that was a girl was his mum, and Selena Gomez.

mejor amigo (or amiga if the best friend is a girl)

if your best friend is a girl she may not be ready for a boyfriend if your friend is a boy then he isn't into boys.

Mein bester Freund (for guy best friend) Meine beste Freundin (for girl best friend)

If he was a good best friend he would stop going for this girl.

a girl name matali is saquania best friend u digg her

sure why not. its only a saying that a mans a dogs best friend.

becky thatcher is his girl friend and his best friend is huckleberry fin.

a best friend is someone you can trust. also a best friend is someone who if its a guy and your a girl you might marry them a best friend is a true and real friend not a fake

one direction is the best

no, not really because its quite common. There's a lot of people who wants to date their best guy friend or best girl friend. answer it depends if you no she likes you then its fine but if she doesn't or your not sure then she could feel pressured and you might break you friendship [ that way you get no girl and you lose your girl friend ]

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