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See the website link below for a list of US silver coins made for circulation and their melt value.

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Q: How to calculate the silver value of a US coin?
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What is the value of a 2001 US mint silver proof set?

The 5 coin proof set has a value of $6, the 10 coin set has a value of $15 and the 10 coin silver set has a value of $48.

What is the value of an 1891 silver coin?

It really depends on which coin it is. Is it a US silver dollar or dime? There is a big difference. Is it a world coin? What country is it from? All of these things matter when figuring the value of a coin.

What is the value of an1827 US silver dollar?

No such coin was minted by the US mint.

What is the value of a 1969 silver US nickel?

The only years silver was used in US nickels was 1942-1945, the coin is face value.

What is the value of a 1931 silver penny?

The US never made silver pennies. It would cost too much for the mint to make them. Your coin is plated silver this adds no value to the coin.

What is a 1 teal sungarei coin value?

A replica of the coin (fake coin) has a value of about US$30, is usually made of non-silver alloy, and has no silver color. As a coin collector, you may still collect a replica coin, because it does have a historical value. A real Sungarei, Chinese Qing dynasty silver coin was minted in 1897 although the minting year was not on the coin. The edge of the real silver coin had the artist's English name, L. GIORGI. Entire coin was in shining silver color, and 1.75 inches in diameter. The current value of a real Sungarei silver coin, 1 Teal, is at least US$10,000.

What is the value of a 'silver' 19 64 US cent?

The US has never made a one cent silver coin. It's likely been plated as a novelty coin or to be used as jewelry. It has no collectible value.

Liberty peace us dollar coin value?

All Peace dollars are 90% silver. The current silver value is $15.28. The collectible value depends on the the date, mintmark and condition of the coin.

What is the value of us silver penny 1943?

Zinc coated steel, not silver. Average value is 5 to 10 cents. The US has never made a one cent coin from silver.

Value of 1909 silver dollar?

No such US coin exists. Silver dollars were not minted from 1905-1920.

How much is a 1935 SILVER US dime worth?

If the coin has any wear the value is for the silver, about $2.00

What is the value of 1939 silver dollar?

Check that coin again. There were no US silver dollars minted that year.