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I had to repair my gas tank on my 1988 Ranger XLT. I've only done this once and I had a Uncle assist me. I'm not a professional or certified mechanic I just try to fix my own vechicle. Hope I can be of any help to you. Now, my gas tank was punctured and was savageable; therefore, my tank was emptied. There was no need for me to empty my tank. You'll probably have to empty the tank before removing it. I replaced my tank when it was fixed. I don't know if you are going to put a new one or replace it. Remember, you are dealing with fuel so no smoking. Careful with anything that could ignite your fuel. Try to do this outside instead of inside the garage. I started by disconnecting my battery. Underneath the rear driver side you'll see the gas tank. It's held in place by 2 metal straps(clamps). You'll have to remove them in order to bring the tank down. This portion was sort of annoying. If I can remember, the bolts are very long and not much space to work with. Once you take the clamps off the tank should come down easily. You have to becareful with the fuel lines which are still attached to the tank. On my tank the lines are in bedded in a circular gadget, which will come off by twisting it off. Can not remember if you twist left or right, try either way. Once that's off your tank should be free. Be careful with your fuel lines, that will be another project you'll probably don't care to do. Now this was my experience on my ranger. And to replace it just follow your steps backwards. Once you have everything tighten. Put some fuel in the tank and replace battery wires. It should start. Make sure you have fuel in the tank before cranking it. Hope to be of assistance to you.

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Q: How to change a gas tank on 1988 rangerXLT?
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you need to drop the gas tank down and remove fuel pump from tank.

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It is important to know the size of the gas tank of a car being driven. The 1988 Chevy S10 has a gas tank size of 20 gallons.

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The gas tank must be removed from the vehicle. The fuel pump is located inside the tank and can only be accesed after remeoval of the tank. You will find it on the top of the tank.

What is the Gas tank size for 1988 celebrity?

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yes what size is it

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