How to change bulb headlight from Infiniti g35?

It's a nightmare! But you can do it!

You have to basically remove the bumper and grill which are attached. Once you do that you will expose the headlight unit. I believe there are a total of 4 screws that need to removed to access the light source. Once you remove the screws you have to unplug the wiring which is just a snap connection. That will free the unit. Once you remove the unit on the back you will notice a round screw cap, take the cap off and you will see a silver triangle shape connection... twist that off and you will see the back of the bulb which is held down by two spring connections. You need to press them together and bulb will come free. Then you just take the bulb out and put in the new one. (Which cost around 260.00 from Infiniti ugh... I know ridiculous) and reverse the process! Its takes a while but it's pretty easy I am no mechanic or auto tech and I was able to do it with no help! GOOD luck let me know if you have anymore questions. Oh and to remove the bumper I think there are 2 Screws on the top part and remove the plastic push fasteners on the top of the grill under the hood.


I have a 2008 G35x Sedan and found an easier method to change these bulbs. Go to this link:

for step-by-step instructions with photos.

Good luck!