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Q: How to change password and secret questions of an yahoo email account?
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How can you retrieve your e-mai account. the hacker who hack your account he changed your password and your secret questions. plzz help?

you can't that's the thing

How do you Retrieve old password with secret question?

First when you sign up for the account you can set security questions that only you can answer. Then if you forget your password for some reason then you can get it back by answering the questions correctly.

How do you change your supersecret password?

u can not change your super secret account.once u set your password in the begging u can not change it.the password u pick is permanent!let me give an account of super secret so u could get your hopes's a member! user name:bri582 password:vballrox

What is a username and password?

A username and password are secret names you create to access an account. The peruse of a username and password are that no one else can access your account.

How can you get a user's gmail account password after he stole your password in order to get your password and change it?

It is very unlikely that getting into the other person's account will result in you getting into your account. Even if it did, there are only two ways to get his password: the person give it to you, which is highly unlikely, and if he would do that, why not just get the one that goes to your account? The other is to steal it the way he stole yours, which is a very bad choice and ILLEGAL. Why not just try to reset your password using the secret questions? If he changed them, I suggest contacting Google to find out if they can help you.

How do you change your Hotmail secret question?

You cannot change the questions one you have set it up. You can change your password thoughFollow the instructions below: "Change your Hotmail security question and secret answer"

What if you forgot your password of FaceTime?

you have to go to the apple website then and either have the comfirimination that says you wanna change it because you forgot it or do the secret questions

What do you do if your xbox 360 password and secret questions are forgotten?

Sadly nothing but get a new account. I heard has great sales on those annoying $50 cards.

How do you change password in kos secret operation?


How do you kos secret operation change password?


Why it is important to keep the password secret?

Its important to keep you password a secret so that other people would hack you account or go through you personal stuff.

Some one change your hotmail password and secret question how you recover your password?

Don't ever give your password out to anyone. You cannot change your password without logging into your account - you could however send a brief letter to the hotmail contacts and let them know what has happened. Otherwise switch over to a new account and forward any contacts that you have a change of account and to use the new one. If you choose the latter then also send a letter to the hotmail contact (customer service) and ask them to close your old account due to a breach.

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