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How to convince parents to get a Xbox 360 elite?

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get a job

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Xbox 360 elite or Xbox 360 go pro?


Which is the best Xbox 360 or Xbox 360 elite?

Elite of course.

How many different Xbox are there?

xbox original xbox 360 core xbox 360 arcade xbox 360 premium xbox 360 elite xbox 360 super elite

Who invented the Xbox 360 elite?

Microsoft invented the Xbox 360 and therefore invented the Xbox 360 Elite.

What works better a Xbox 360 or a Xbox 360 elite?

elite, trust me

Which is better Xbox 360 elite or Xbox 360 pro?

xbox360 elite

Will there be a Xbox 360 elite?

This is (KevXD) We are in the yeer 2009, and WE DO HAVE XBOX 360 ELITE

What is an elite Xbox 360?

An Elite Xbox 360 has a bigger hard drive.

What is the difference between the Xbox 360 super elite and the Xbox 360 elite?

The xbox 360 elite has 120 gb The xbox 360 super elite 250 gb memory that is the only difference between the two

What is the most popular games console?

The Xbox 360 Arcade, Xbox 360 Elite & Xbox 360 Super Elite.

How much is Xbox 360 elite in Malaysia?

the xbox 360 elite in Malaysia is RM1400

Does an Xbox 360 wireless adapter work with all Xbox 360 elite?

I Have A Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter And I Use It On My Xbox 360 Elite It Works Fine

Xbox 360 game work Xbox 360 elite?

if you mean will an xbox 360 game work on a xbox 360 elite? the answer is that it will. a xbox 360 elite is just a normal xbox but black with some extras like it is black and has a 120 gb hard drive

Is the Xbox 360 pro better then the Xbox 360 elite?

The Xbox 360 Elite is better because it has a higher storage capacity

What is the cost of the Xbox 360?

$200 for Xbox 360, $400 for Xbox 360 Elite

Does Xbox 360 games go on Xbox elite?

Yes. The Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 Elite variation are the same thing. The Elite is just black and comes with a bigger hard drive.

Is xbox 360 elite controler the same as the xbox 360-S controler?

xbox 360 elite controll is more advanced

How much are Xboxes?

well xbox 360 elite is $299.99 xbox 360 arcade is $399.99 i will pick xbox 360 elite. there is no xbox 720 there is just a newer xbox 360 with wifi built in.

Can you play Xbox 360 games in Xbox 360 elite?

YES.... the xbox elite is just another form of the xbox 360 it just has more memory but works the EXACT same way as the xbox 360, in fact it is an xbox 360 it just has added memory xbox and xbox elite are all the same wtf where you thinking

How much does a xbox 360 elite cost at gamestop?

The xbox 360 elite costs about $250 at gamestop

Does the new Xbox 360 elite mess up?

the elite xbox 360 is better than the white.

Does the Xbox 360 elite have better graphics than the Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 Elite, in the opinion of many, has better graphics than the Xbox 360 Pro, and the Xbox 360 Arcade Slim is said to have even better graphics.

Can Xbox 360 games work on Xbox 360 elite?


Are Xbox 360 games compatibile with Xbox 360 elite?


Can you use a Xbox 360 controller with an Xbox 360 elite?

Yes you can.

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