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How to create interest in students those who are weak in reading story books?

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Give them an incentive something awarding if they read enough books, like an end of the year ice cream party or something.

2013-04-09 20:20:18
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What can students do to read books if they are ban from school?

I kind of suspect that most students who are banned from school have very little interest in reading books of the non-comic variety, but they could always go to a public library.

Is a picture of two students reading books sentimental?


What has the author Dale Zeller written?

Dale Zeller has written: 'The relative importance of factors of interest in reading materials for junior high school pupils' -- subject(s): Books and reading, Junior high school students, Reading, Psychology of, Psychology of Reading

What has the author J L Gentry written?

J. L. Gentry has written: 'The reading of high school students' -- subject(s): Books and reading, High school students, Reading interests

How you can interest someone in book reading?

To interest someone in reading you have to find the one topic that they love to talk/think about or do. Have them read books involving what they love helps them focus and find an interest. My students do best with reality based stories rather than fiction - that too may be important. If they can learn from the book they may find more value in it.

Why are Students not fond of Reading Books?

Students have learned, from a very young age, that most books offered in elementary school are not authentic. In other words, they are reading a type of series that has stories that are not interesting. Some schools have adopted the Whole Language learning strategy, and they are starting to see an improvement in students reading for pleasure.

What has the author Raymond C Emery written?

Raymond C. Emery has written: 'High interest-easy reading for junior and senior high school reluctant readers' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Reading disability, Books and reading, Young people's literature, High interest-low vocabulary books, Reading interests

Why do students not like reading?

its because some kids have a difficult time reading and they need more support and easyer books to read

What are Michael Bloombergs interest and hobbies?

michael bloomberg enjoys reading books and fishing with his brother

Why do students love reading books?

Because when children read it makes them feel like they are getting transported into the book instead of reading the book

Should students be able to pick the books they read in school?

Yes, children should pick their own books, it is up to the teachers to remove violent or age-inappropriate books. Even if the student can not take an Accelerated Reader test on it, they should pick their books. The parents and teachers should be glad that their child or student takes an interest in reading.

Have the students brought their books?


What are some strategies for teaching reading to special needs students?

try picture books with the words underneath the picture so they will know and understand the word they are reading.

Reading books can be you friend?


How do you encourage the students to read more?

you can encourage students to read more by showing that even you are interested in reading.... and let them read more interesting books like novels..............

Why did Lloyd Alexander choose to write books?

he choosed to write books because he wants to interest kids in reading and he puts hard words in the story for kids can learn them

Advantages and disadvantages of online games?

disadvantages: students consume much time in playing, than reading thier books

Which is possessive noun for books of the students?

The correct form is the students' books.

Why students should read more books?

reading more books increase general knowledge,good speaking language,thinking ability and knowing new words and vocabularies.

Why should students not use audio books?

Students shouldn't use audio books because it does not give the benefit of reading the actual words and growing more intelligent in grammar and writing. It also does not improve on the fluency on how fast a student can read something.

Why is it that borrowing library books for research and enjoyment rank as 13th in the reading skill ladder?

after acquiring the skills 1-12 in the ladder, for sure the reader was already able to develop the interest in reading, and have already realized the value of library books..janine:-)

The student's books is on the desk the student's books are on the desk the students' books is on the desk?

The correct verb for the plural subject 'books' is 'are': . The student's books are on the desk. (One student, several books,) The students' books are on the desk. (Several students, several books.)

What can you imagine when you heR the word reading?

books I guess because books require reading!

What do you feel about reading books?

um.... reading books isn't really fun for me

What is meant by 'on the books' and 'off the books'?

my guess would be:'on the books'= reading, 'off the books'= non-reading!:)