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The way that I insert a degree symbol in my version of Word (2002) is: Insert >> Symbol Font: (normal text) Subset: Latin-1 The degree symbol is the right-most symbol on the seventh line. The name of the symbol is displayed on the bottom left of the symbol window. Also, the hex character code is 00B0. Good luck.

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Q: How to display Microsoft Word degree symbol?
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Where would one find the symbol for degrees on Microsoft Word?

One can insert a degree symbol into their Microsoft Word document by using the 'Symbols' command on the 'Insert' menu, and then inserting the degree symbol from the 'Windows Character Map' tool.

Where is the mobile telephone symbol on Microsoft word?

In Microsoft Word, the mobile telephone symbol is located under Symbol in the Insert menu. Under Font, select Webdings. The symbol is located towards the bottom.

How do you print a cent symbol on a computer?

Use "Insert Symbol" on Microsoft Word.

How do you unmark citations on Microsoft Word?

for Microsoft Word 2007 Go to start button of Microsoft word click Word option menu which is display below the close option ->then select display -> uncheck the show all formatting marks option. you can solve your problem.

How do you type approximate symbol in Microsoft Word?

I have not seen it in Microsoft Word symbols but you can always just paste the following. ≈

Where is the partial eta squared symbol in Microsoft word?

Use the "h" in symbol font.

How do you type infinity symbol in Microsoft word?

insert tab, then go to symbols, then search for the symbol.

Where is the degree symbol on the keyboard?

Nope, go into word, go to insert symbol, find the degree symbol and insert it. Then highlight it, copy it, then paste it where you want it. (Or leave it in word if you need)

How do you display the rulers on Microsoft Word?

Press Veiw Then Check Off Ruler

How do you type the therefore symbol in Microsoft Word?

To type the "therefore" symbol in Microsoft Word follow these steps: 1. Select the Symbol font 2. Hold down Alt key and type 0092 on the numerical keypad

What is a program icon?

A symbol on your desktop that is a shortcut to a program, such as Microsoft word.

Where is the mobile symbol on Microsoft Word?

In sysmbols you will find in wedding font.

Which Microsoft word font has a chasing arrows recycle symbol?


Should you spell out degree in a sentence or use the degree symbol?

You should spell out the word.

How do you get multiplication symbol on Microsoft Word?

just press the "x" button on the keyboard..

How do you get the multiply symbol on Microsoft word?

I think the only way is to use * or x.

Where is the HOUSE symbol in Microsoft Word?

Go to Insert - > Symbol and then under Webdings and Wingdings there are some house symbols.

Can you type a wheelchair symbol in Microsoft Word?

If you go to Insert Symbol and pick the Webdings font, you will find a wheelchair symbol that can be inserted into your document.

Which function key in Microsoft Word is used to display save as a dialogue box?

The F12 key.

Can you type the symbol Pi?

On Microsoft Word, go into Insert and Symbol, it'll be under Greek letters - you can cut and paste it from there

How do you type the Nazi symbol?

If you want the Nazi symbol you will need to type it into Microsoft word as it does not work on many internet sites.

What is the function of Word Wrap in a Microsoft word?

Word wrap in Microsoft Word is a term used to display how words are continuously typed in a straight line, yet form paragraphs without manually ending the lines. Microsoft Word is a word processing program, and that is a function of all word processors. and to wiggle

Where is the cellphone symbol on Microsoft Word?

Use the font Webdings, -it is in the middle of the eleventh row

Where is the Spider symbol on Microsoft Word?

It's on your keyboard. Hold shift and press 8. *