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You can edit your answers account on your profile page. Click the profile page link on the top right corner

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Q: How to edit your answers account?
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Can you fix answers on answers com?

Yes as long as you have an account and are logged in you can edit answers.

Why can't you edit your own answer in wikianswer?

In order to edit, you need to be signed in and have a (totally free) account - otherwise, you can't edit the questions or answers.

How do you take your question off of answer?

There is no way to take a question off of Answers. However, you are able to edit your question. To do so, log into your account, click "edit question", change your question and save.

How do you enter your gender on the Howrse 'edit my account page'?

When you go on "Edit my account" there is a sentence the says: This page allows you to view and edit your account's information. You can also edit personal info. The "Edit personal info" will be in red. Click that! ! :)

How do you change wrong answers without an account?

Usually this cannot be done. Due to the potential for vandalism, an account is required to be able to edit questions and answers. Nowadays, getting an account is painless, and you don't need Facebook. As long as you are at least 13 and have a valid email address, you can sign up.

Do you have to have an account on to answer a question?

No, but you need to have an account to edit an answer.

Can you answer a question on WikiAnswers without having to sign into an account?

Yes, unregistered users can answer questions on WikiAnswers but only registered users are able to edit answers.

When can you edit Answers?

You can edit answers at any time except where that particular answer/question has been blocked by a supervisor due to vandalism.

How edit your pixie hollow account?

click on the name of the fairy you want to edit then click edit

How do you change password on Howrse?

Profile>>>my account>>>>edit my account

How do you edit airtel bill?


How do you insert a logo on a Youtube account?

You go into your account and near your pic. click edit and than click edit slogan and you will go to a place where you can edit a slogan/logo

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