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How to find a suitable Guru?

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2007-07-25 17:33:43

This is really difficult task.. there are a lot of hipocrates

out there who want only money!!... First of all, a guru can never

drink or smoke (like everyone does).. they say its tradition but

let me tell you, its not written anywhere in the Holy books..

actually I dont see any need of the Guru.. but still, if you want

you have gotta try and try a lot!!.. a guru will always tell you

the SOLUTION of your difficulty.. I hope you are getting my point..

it needs a lot of experience to find one.. I am just 17 but I have

experienced all of them.. I knew one but he fled away(to tell you

the truth, he was a true Guru..).. his best student asked him to

ask God to kill one of his enemy and he was so embarrased than he

just ran away in the mountains.. i contact him by writing

letters(i've his address but i dont have time to get to him).. only

i know his address but you still can find a lot more but if we

consider thestats, for every one true guru, you will find 75


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