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Can you get struck by lightning on a bike?

if the bike has any metal on it then yes just don't ride your bike in a thunderstorm and you'll be fine

Is eastern a fine bike for bmx racing?

Its ok but you might wanna get a racing bike after awhile

Do you need a bike license to ride a dirt bike off road?

Yes, You need to go to the department of motor veichles and register your bike otherwise when you go on trails and find out you dont then you get the bike impounded and get a fine

What are interchangeables parts?

parts of a machine that are identical parts that you can change and it still work fine

It is illegal to have 2 people on the same bike?

if the bike has one seat, it is illegal because of safety issues, but if it has two seats, it is perfectly fine.

What type of bicycle for a mini triathalon?

Well, a real Tri bike would obviously be best. but an ordinary road bike will be fine too.

What kind of gas do you use for a mini bike?

Regular gas should be fine

What are the release dates for Horsepower TV - 2006 A Fine 409?

Horsepower TV - 2006 A Fine 409 was released on: USA: May 2008

What happens if you buy the bike without using the card in Pokemon firered?

Nothing bad if you truly bought the bike regularly its fine you can still get the bike voucher though just for fun and keep it with you for fun.

What are the release dates for Designing Your Future - 2006 Fine Arts 1-7?

Designing Your Future - 2006 Fine Arts 1-7 was released on: USA: 23 December 2006

When did Fine China - band - end?

Fine China - band - ended in 2006.

Can you ride a pocket bike in Oregon?

You cannot ride a pocket bike in the state of Oregon on roads and highways. They should only be used for off-road purposes. If you do ride a pocket bike on roads, you may be subject to a fine.

Where can you ride a dirt bike in gainesville fl?

i went on the beach with my quad so i guess your fine there.

How does a 6 speed huffy bike work?

Probably just fine. You have to be more specific in your question to get a sensible answer.

What actors and actresses appeared in Fine stagione - 2006?

The cast of Fine stagione - 2006 includes: Evita Ciri as Claudia Barbara Pasqua as Francesca Paola Pitagora as Mum

What actors and actresses appeared in Fine and Dandy - 2006?

The cast of Fine and Dandy - 2006 includes: Danny Alder as Delbridge White Vannessa Bennett as Ivy Annie Last as Amy

What does ci 925 on ring mean?

.925 means the silver content is 925 parts fine silver and 75 parts copper . Fine silver is noted or stamped .999 and is pure silver.

What is the fine for riding a dirt bike without a drivers license?

depends what state or country you are in. In california it is 135 dollars

What are the release dates for Sam Has 7 Friends - 2006 Fine Wine Bad Boys 1-3?

Sam Has 7 Friends - 2006 Fine Wine Bad Boys 1-3 was released on: USA: 30 October 2006

How much should you sell a 2002 Honda XR70 dirt bike?

obviously it depends on the condition the bike is in and weather aftermarket parts have been added on, but i think you should research the price on a new xr 70. so you can get a rough idea of what you should sell it for. if its clean, looks fine, runs well and what not then maybe around the low 1 thousand dollars. $1,200

How do the parts on a bike work together?

Just fine, thanks for asking. Now seriously, what are you really asking about, and what kind of answer do you expect? The wheels turn on their axles, the fork attaches the wheel to the frame, the frame holds the rear wheel in place, the handlebar allow the rider to turn the the front wheel. Pedals make the bike move and brakes make it stop etc etc

Which parts enable you to adjust the focus of the microscope?

the fine adjustrment knobs?

What are the parts of a comb called?

teeth as in fine toothed comb

Is it OK to use auto parts from a salvage yard?

It is fine to use auto parts from a salvage yard. It is not as good as new parts, of course. However, it is cheapier and perfectly fine to choose to use auto parts from a salvage yard. I have included a website that can help you track down good salvage yards in your area that have the parts you need.

If I Was Trying To remodel An Old Computer For Gaming Which Parts Should I Upgrade And Which Parts Are Fine As They Are?

With the amount of power modern gaming-oriented video cards draw, the case is fine as it is and everything else needs to be upgraded.

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