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The president gives it to you if you complete the maze to get to him and defeat Govanni to stop him from forcing the president to make a deal with him. The maze is in the gaming place in the city with about 500 buildings.

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Q: How to get a master ball in red version?
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How do you turn a ultra ball into a master ball?

You don't. Though before you encounter your version mascot you will get a master ball.

The best poke ball in blue version?

Master ball

How do you get 99 master balls on the original Pokemon red version for game boy?

you have to get one master ball and go talk to OAK and he will make more master ballz for u

Ow to get many of master ball in Pokemon fire red?

how to get many master ball

How do you get a second master ball in fire red?

You can't. You can only get one Master Ball.

How can you duplicate a master ball in Pokemon LeafGreen version in Game Boy?

You cannot copy a master ball in leafgreen

How do you get a master ball without cheating in Pokemon FireRed version?

you have to save the president of silph co. to get the master ball.

How do you get infinite master balls without gameshark in Pokemon red version?

equip the master ball to a Pokemon and clone it using the Pokemon clone cheat.. its so simple..

How do you get infinity master ball in crystal version?

you dont

How do you catch Rayquaza in ruby version?

master ball

Can you catch Groudon in sapphire version?

you can if you have a Master Ball

Pokemon fire red master ball code?

The master ball code is: 82003884 0001

How do you copy a master ball using heart gold?

You can't you only get 1 master ball in each pokemon version.

How do you get more than 1 master ball in heartgold?

In each game version, you can obtain only one master ball. So if you want more than one, you can consider trading or transferring a Pokemon holding a master ball from a different version.

How do you get more than one master ball in fire red?

you will only be given one master ball.

How do you clone a master ball in yellow version?

cinnabar island

How do you duplicate master ball in hacked version of sapphire?


Is there a master ball code for the Japanese version of soul silver?


Where is the master ball in blue version?

you get it after defeating Giovanni i believe

How do you find the master ball in emerald version?

Try harder

In Pokemon fire red how do you make a poke-ball a master ball?

You can't do that unless you have emerald. then you can clone the master ball.

How do you make a poke ball to work like a master ball in gold version?

umm you cant

How do you use a Great Ball as a Master Ball in Pokemon Fire Red?


What is the best pokeball to catch Mesprit with in diamond version?

A Master Ball

How do you catch Mewtwo to Pokemon white version?

Throw a Master Ball at it.