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You may check any of the Islamic sites.

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What is Islam holy text that this religion uses?

Holy Quran.

What is the sacred text of islamics?

Quran the holy book

Is central religious text of Islam?

The Holy Quran is the central religious text of Islam

What religion does the text the Holy Quran come from?

The Holy Quran is the primary sacred text for Islam. It is revered by Muslims who daily recite sections from it and who spend many hours in childhood learning parts of it by heart.

What did the text use to study the teachings of Islam?

The Holy Quran and Sahih Hadith

How many paragraphs does holy quran has?

Quranic text is divided in chapters called surrah which contain verses . There are no paragraphs in Quran .

What is muslims most sacred text?

Quran holy book. Refer to question below.

Whose holy book is the Qur'an?

Muslims (followers of Islam religion per God revelation of Quran holy book to prophet Muhammad PBUH)The Koran, usually spelled Quran or Qur'an, is the holy text of Islam.

What is the most important religious text of Islam that formed the basic of Islamic law?

the holy Quran

What is an Ahle Quran?

An Ahle Quran is a follower of the denomination in Islam which rejects the authoritative role of hadiths, and considers the Qur'an to be the only legitimate holy text.

Who created the holy quran?

Allah created the Holy Quran.

Supplication for finishing the Holy Quran?

finishing the Holy Quran

How is the Holy Quran last book from Allah?

because prophet Muhammad (ص) is the last and final prophet and quern revealed to prophet Muhammad ) so if Muhammad is the last and final prophet then quern is the last book .the quern could never have been devised by any besides Allah. rather it is confirmation of what came before it and an elucidation n of the book which contains no doubt from the lorad of all the worlds.10:37 here we go this world =115 times in holy quran the hereafter=115 times in the holy quran life=145times in holy quean death=145times n holy quran man=24 times in holy quran woman=24 times in holy quran messenger=50 times in the holy quran people =50 times in holy quran eblees (king of devils)=11 times in holy quran seek refuge from eblees=11 times in the holy quran zakat (taxes Muslims pay to the poor)=32 times in holy quran barakah(increasing) or blessings of wealth) tongue=25 times in the holy quran sermon=25 times in holy quran righteous deeds=167times in holy quran evil deeds 167 times in holy quran saying aloud=16 times in holy quran in public=16 times in holy quran love=83 times in holy quran obedience=83 times in holy quran hardship =102 times in holy quran patience 102 times in holy quran right guidance =79 times in holy quran mercy=79 times in holy quran peace=50 times in holy quran delicacies=50 times in holy quran benefit=59 times in holy quran corrupt=5 times in holy quran people who are mislead=17 times in holy quran dead people=17 times in holy quran spending (sadaqah)=73 times in hoy quran satisfaction=73 times in holy quran disaster=75 times in holy quran thank 75 times in holy quran magic=60 times in holy quran misleading = 60 times in holy quran mind=49 times in holy quran noor (light of Allah )=49 timea in holy quran muslimeen =41 times in holy quran jihad=41 times in holy quran muhammed41 times in holy quran Muhammad's teachings speaking publicly =18 time in holy quran publishing 18 times in holy quran Al-bahar(sea) 32 times in quran land 13 times in quran if we add up the total words of botg "sea"and "land"we get 45. now if we do a simple calculation if we add up the total words of both "sea and land we get 454. now if we do a simple calculation 32/45X100%+71.11111111% 13/45X100%=28.88888888% above is what we know today,the percentages of water(sea)and land in the world so disbelivers disprove quran or read it again and again angles=8 times in holy quran Satan=88 times in holy quran

What is the correct spelling of the Quran?

The name of the Islamic holy text is rendered in English as Qur'an, or commonly as Koran.

Why should we read the Holy Quran daily What does the Holy Quran teach us?

We should read the Holy Quran daily and we should tell our kids to read the Quran daily. Holy Quran teaches us how to live our lives and how to improve our life style. There are many online Holy Quran websites to.

How many dots are there in the holy Quran?

In Holy Quran there are 1015030 dots.

How many roku in holy quran?

There are 557 rakus in the Holy Quran.

How many Verses are in Holy Quran?

There are 6236 verses of holy quran.

How many rukus are there in the Holy Quran?

there are 565 rakus in the Holy Quran

How many sorahs in holy quran?

In the holy Quran there are 114 Surah.

What is the holy text of Islam?

It is Quran. Quran is the Muslims holy book. Quran is revealed by God to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through the angel Gabriel (Jibril). It reflects the real God words as revealed to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) without a single letter change.

The month in which the Quran was revealed?

The Holy Quran was revealed in The Holy Month of Ramadan.

How was the Islam sacred text revealed to its followers?

THE HOLY QURAN AND HADIDTHS - the way prophet Muhammad(A.S.W) lived

Is the holy quran and the holy bible alike?

the answer is no the Quran only has 1 version but there are 60 different HOLY BIBLES

How many prophets are mentioned in holy quran?

25 , prophets are mentioned in holy Quran .