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You get one from cyruce in the team galactic HQ. You have to get a key which the galactic guy gives you at the front of the building

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Q: How to get masterballs?
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Can you get masterballs from the guy in solacean?

No you cannot get masterballs from the newspaper guy.

Where can you buy masterballs?

you cant buy masterballs i dont think

Can you buy masterballs in Kanto?

you can buy masterballs in pokemart only if you have (200) pokedex

How can you get multiple masterballs in Pokemon FireRed?

Trade masterballs from other games to firered.

Can you by masterballs?


What is the code for 999 masterballs in Pokemon Platinum?

what is the code for 999 masterballs for pokemon platinum?

How do you get the cheat for 999 masterballs?

You earn a Lot of money like say, enough to by 999 masterballs, then go to a mart that sell master balls, and try to by say 999 masterballs. : ' )

How do you get 900 masterballs?

Gameshark/action replay, or maybe hire 900 people to trade you masterballs.

How many masterballs do you get in Pokemon platinum?

One, although if you have the AR cheat, 999 masterballs can be acquired.

Where do you find 99 masterballs inside the ship in gold version?

Lols, you can't find 99 masterballs, someone have tracked you. But u could get 99 masterballs! If you make your Pokemon hold a masterball, then clone him, if u clone him right will you have 2 pokemons, and both is holding masterballs.

Do you get masterballs on Christmas?


How do you get unlimited masterballs in pokemon firered?

You have to get a codebreaker and put in the master code. Then you have to find the code for infinite masterballs on the computer.

Can you buy masterballs in LeafGreen?


Can you find masterballs on the pokewalker?


How do you get infinite masterballs?

( ruby and sapphire) cheat code:description: fnifite masterballscode: 910C4AFB679BA66A

How can you cheat masterballs with no PC?

There is no way to get masterballs from a cheat, unless you got pc, or if you got action replay. I hope i helped you.

Haw do you get 10 masterballs?

you cant get 10 masterballs on one game unless you trade with people ethier online in in preson

How do you get infinite masterballs on sapphire?

you cant

Get 999 masterballs?

Action Replay

Can you get a latios or latias without masterballs?

=== ===

How can you get more masterballs in crystal?


Is there a code to get masterballs?

no you have to get action replay

How do i catch three regis in emerald?

get and clone masterballs then do the stuff they tell you to and you should be good get and clone masterballs then do the stuff they tell you to and you should be good

How do you buy masterballs in pearl?

I think the only way to obtain masterballs in pokemon pearl is to use action replay or other cheats. Sorry!

Where to find masterballs in Pokemon pearl?

you can only get one master ball from Cyrus when you defeated him in a battle at the galacitc HQ,or you can get (999) masterballs only from cheat.