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How to get mew in Pokemon diamond?

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You have to get Mew from Pokemon Emerald, LeafGreen, or FireRed but on those games you can only get it through an event.

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Mew cannot be found in Pokemon diamond can migrate mew from another game or get it from a toysrus as the mystery gift.(i got mew in Pokemon diamond!)

There is no such thing as cursed mew.

you cant really catch mew in Pokemon diamond you will have to porticipate in the Nintendo event or you could by the action replay and type in the code to get a mew

Unless there is a mystery gift using wi-fi or from a store (would be posted on the Pokemon site) you cannot get mew in Pokemon Diamond

There is no such pokemon as Mew-Three. But there is Mew and Mewtwo.

Mew cannot be caught in the wild in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. You need the action replay code.

Mew is an event in all the Pokemon games, but it can be glitched in Pokemon Yellow. You may research it to get an accurate answer. You can get Mew in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, if you have 999 in your Pokemon Farm (it is a separate game) and Hailey will give you a Mew in return. You can transfer this Mew to Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. The rest of the games you will need to trade for Mew or use a cheating device.

in the old games of pokemon

The only other way to get a Mew in Pokemon Diamond is through a Nintendo Event or a Trade with someone who has one.

It isn't possible to catch mew in Pokemon diamond. You need an action replay cheat cartridge.

You can't you can only get mew two but that's just me.

you can not you can only get it in diamond and pearl

Mew cannot be caught in Pokemon diamond as well as mewtwo and the rest of the legendarysfrom previous games. they must be transferred via pal park

get my Pokemon ranch on the wii then store 999 Pokemon and Haley, who runs it, will ask to trade you a mew for an egg (you give her an egg and she gives you a mew).

All Pokemon list require a trade or you to import via Pal Park. As none are wild in Pokemon Diamond.

It is not possible to get Mew in Pokemon Diamond without using Action Replay and Mystery Gift. Mew is an event legendary Pokemon and can only be obtained through Mystery Gift or cheating.

Deposit 999 Pokemon into the ranch from pearl or diamond.

you can't get mewthree.MEWTHREE IS NOT A REAL POKEMON

Got to have My Pokemon Ranch game unfortunately.

493 including mew deoxys arcues

you need action replay or any kind of hack to get mew

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