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How to go green?

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Well, you could take shorter showers or baths, donate money to an animals charity or hospital ext.,not use alot of hairspray, walk more places then driving, dont cut down trees, adopt and endangered animal, donate money to the WWF company, dont trash the oceans, dont polute out air,dont litter! these are many ways on how to go green! there are many more so please do as much of this as you can to GO GREEN!

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Does red go with green?

No,red does not go with green only blue,pink,white is go with green

Go is to green as stop is to?

Go is to green as stop is to

Is green the new black?

Yes green is the new black!!!! SO GO GREEN!!!! Yes green is the new black!!!! SO GO GREEN!!!!

What is the best slogan for go green?

Dont be mean, go green. what is mean by "clean and green"? Imean a slogan for"clean and green".

Did Stanley have to go to camp green lake?

Yes,he had to go to camp green lake!The judge said"you can go to jail or you can go to camp green lake!

How do you write an essay about go green initiative?

go green initiative

What does code green mean?

Code Green means all clear or GO GO GO!!!!!!!

Why should we be motivated to go green?

We might go green to help the planet.

Do green and blue go together?

Yes, green and blue go together.

Save environment quote?

Go green that's what we need Green is the new pink Go green don't be mean Go grrrrrrrreen Will work for trees It's not easy being Green

What does the term go green stand for?

go green means being friendly to the earth, such as planting a tree, or turning off the lights when your not in that room, and recycling. Your trying to help the earth, and the green part in go green is the leafs on the tree's, their green.

What is the secret code of minyan lands school go green poster?

go green

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yes the colors do go with blue and green

What are some go green names?

Green Machine Green Army Greenergy Green With Envy

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What things to do starting with G?

Grow, Gymnastics, Go Green! Grow, Gymnastics, Go Green!

What is catchy slogan for going green?

Go clean, go green!Tread lightly on the planet

What is meant by the word green?

As in "go green" it means to go environmental and help the planet in various ways. "Green" can mean "environmentally-friendly."

How do you find the bottles on nicktropolis?

what you do is when it is 2010 there will be a go green day then just go to metro park after you go to the go green day treasure hunt== ==

What is a catchy title for a go green project?

Green Machine

Does green and purple go together?

only neon green

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if your pee is green go to a doctor if your pee is green go to a doctor

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