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download FLASH media player, that's about it without replacing the card

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Q: How to increase the graphic of computer without inserting graphic card?
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How do you delete data from pen drive without inserting in computer?

Putting it in the microwave, then turning it on.

Can you play sims 2 for computer without inserting disk?

Not without using a crack or no-cd hack, which is an expressly forbidden topic on WA, sorry.

How do you know if you have a hard drive if you will not open your computer?

If you can boot your computer without connecting or inserting anything and not being connected to a network, its pretty safe to say you a hard drive. Booting a computer without using one of the above methods is possible, but rare.

Does Starcraft work on vista?

It should work without problems as long as your computer has enough memory and graphic capability

What are advantages of speed?

The advantaged of speed on a computer is that you will be able to run games at higher graphic qualities without causing it to be glitchy.

Which type of computer graphic can be blown up to a much larger size without getting distorted or losing quality?

Vector -k12

What are Advantages and disadvantages of graphic card?

The advantage of a graphics card is that it allows you to hook up a monitor and see what your computer is doing. The disadvantage is that your computer wont work without one.

Do all computer games require a graphic card?

All computer have a graphics card these days. Your computer needs a graphics card to allow the picture you see on the screen to be manipulated without being slow or jerky/jumpy.

Will insert a shape add 3 dimensional feature to graphics?

When trying to create a 3 dimensional graphic, just inserting the shape without adding 3D styling within the processor your using will not create a 3 dimensional feature.

Does ea cricket 2011 work without graphic card?

No it requires a graphic card

Can ninja blade work without graphic card?

no it cant you can buy a card name graphics cardgo to computer stores and but it for Rs 2000

Can you play grand theft auto vice city without graphic card in your computer?

If you mean playing Vice City with integrated graphics, yes you can.

What type of graphic is one in which data cannot be changed without changing the meaning of the graphic?


How can you have a vaginal oragasim without inserting anything in the vagina?

Rub the clitoris.

What are the main section of the computer?

The computer contains:Hard DriveRAM (memory)Processor chipGraphic chipMotherboardmouse+ keyboardMonitor/ScreenThe main section would be the Motherboard and RAM. Computer would not be able to run without it.

Will using a USB hub increase the speed of my computer and/or its devices?

No.USB has the same bandwidth without or without a hub.It just gives you more connection.

Do you need graphic card for ghajini the game?

no u play without graphic card with ram 2gb

What type of graphic is one in which data can be moved within the graphic without changing the meaning?


How can you increase HP in an 1986 Corvette without getting into the engine?

You can get a performance chip for the computer, and also modify your exhaust

What is the probability of inserting 4 cards in the correct envelopes without paying attention?

The probability of inserting all four cards in the correct envelops is 1/24.

What is the difference between a representational and nonrepresentational graphic?

You can't move information in a representational graphic without changing it's meaning. You can move info in a nonrepresentational graphic.

How can you get a growlithe in Pokemon diamond without inserting firered game?

you cant sorry

Can you play sims 3 without graphic card?


Can you play Brian Lara cricket without graphic card?

you can play brian Lara cricket without graphic card just put the display on the lowest level

What are the main duties need for graphic designing?

A bachelor's or an associate degree in graphic design is usually required for a job as a graphic designer. Creativity, communication, and problem solving skills and familiarity with computer graphics and design software also are important. Grade 10 and 12 passes are a must without any you might as well go home.