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How to keep the surroundings clean and green

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Q: How to keep the surroundings clean and green.Describe it in 200 words?
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How we keep our surroundings clean?

It is best to keep your surroundings clean by doing regular maintenance and cleaning on all objects. Regular dusting and wiping down everything in your home is suggested.

Why do you keep your surroundings clean?

Because humans are not filthy pigs

Why you should keep your surrounding clean?

simple. We should all keep our surroundings clean, because.. who want's to live with a filthy environment? Keeping our surroundings clean will also contribute to having a SAFER surrounding, also having a clean surrounding will ensure a healthy body!

Cleaniness is next to godliness?

cleanliness is next to godliness means you should keep youself clean your surroundings clean as it would be as good as godliness means godlike

How do dirty surroundings lead to the spread of diseases?

Dirt is a great place for bacteria and other disease-causing organisms to live. They can't live on clean, dry surfaces so if you keep your surroundings clean, you're less likely to get sick.

How can we keep our surrounding clean?

first we should keep our house clean and then keep our surrounding clean. people are put their wastes in out of their houses. so, mosquitoes are surrounds our house and cause chickengunia, etc.... so we should put our wastes in any dustbin in out side of their houses.for keeping the surroundings clean for which we daily have to work

How do you support an individual to develop and improve personal hygiene?

by telling them to always wash hands after using toilet and to keep their surroundings clean

How do you stop pollution in Hindi language for all types of pollution?

we can stop pollution by keep our surroundings clean by throwing wastage in the dustbin.

Do hindus look after their environment?

Yes they do. They keep their homes and their surroundings clean. They wear clean clothes and eat clean food. They mostly have gardens in their houses. As we know cleanliness matters from person to person Not from religion to religion

How do you support individuals to develop and improve personal hygiene routine's?

by telling them to always wash hands after using toilet and to keep their surroundings clean

Stay Clean?

When you go on a Caribbean cruise, take plenty of hand sanitizer and antibacterial spray for your room. There are several germs on cruise ships, and unless you want to take something home with you, you should keep your surroundings clean.

Do they keep the patio clean or are they just style?

Covers for patio furniture do keep furniture cleaner, they block out falling leaves and rain water. You wont have as much of a problem trying to clean up anymore. They can come in all different colors but in my opinion they look best if they blend in with the surroundings.