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You have to make sure it is sealed with a penetrating sealer.

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Q: How to maintain slate floors?
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Can you use pinesol to clean slate floors? proffesional house cleaner says that it what they use to clean most if not all slate floors in homes.

Why is slate used?

Slate can be used for blackboards, roofing and floors. When you crush it, you can use it flooring and paints.

What are the procedures to maintain a slate roof?

Maintaining a slate roof is very important to avoid your roof from getting damaged. To maintain the natural slate roofing can be beautiful, it can be extremely heavy and expensive. CertainTeed manufactures various roofing shingles to replicate the look of natural slate roofing.

Can you steam clean sealed slate floors?

only if u own at modern warfare 2

Can you use muratic acid to clean slate?

You may use muriatic acid to clean tile or slate floors if you encounter stains on them. It will need to be diluted in order to be useful.

Are hardwood floors more expensive than tile floors?

Hardwood floors are generally more expensive than tile floors because they are harder to maintain. However, higher quality tile floors can cost more than hardwood floors.

What is the density of slate?

2691- Solid slate. 1290-1450- Broken slate. 1362- Pulverized slate. 2691- Solid slate. 1290-1450- Broken slate. 1362- Pulverized slate.

What is the metamorphic equivalent of slate?

Slate is shale that has metamorphosed. Slate is metamorphic. There is no metamorphic equivalent of slate.

How thick is a floor?

Not very thick. Many building codes (perhaps most) allow 3/4 inch waferboard or 5'8 inch plywood as the structural subfloor over 16" O.C. joists. This is fine for normal sized floors with carpet or vinyl overlay, but is insufficient for very large floors or floors to be finished in ceramic, slate or porcelain tiles.

What happens to the slate if these conditions increase?

The slate or slate changes into schist

What is the mass of slate?

The mass of the slate depends on how large the piece of slate is.

What is the best type of cleaner to use on a hardwood floor?

Cleaning depends on the floors finish. Newer hardwood floors have a sealed finish, these floors just need mopping with water with a splash of white vinegar, to look great. Floors which have not been sealed need to be pampered and protected with liquid or paste wax, to maintain their great look.

Is slate a conductor or insulator?

Slate is an electrical insulator. Slate is not a conductor of electricity.

What is slate siding made of?

Slate siding is made from the metamorphic rock slate.

Can granite turn into slate?

No. . . .granite not turn into slate. . . .shale is turn into slate.

How does slate weather?

How is slate formed?

Is slate porous?

Slate is not porus due to the fact that in england,people use slate as a material for roofing. From that we can highly assume that slate is not porus.

What did Victorian children write with?

At school it was normal to write with a slate penicil on a piece of slate (the slate pencil could be make of clay, soft slate, soapstone or chalk). The main advantage of slate was that it the marks could be erased and the slate could be reused.

What is the color of slate?

slate is the color blue

Is slate sedimentary?

No, slate is a metamorphic rock!

Can slate be recycled?

Yes. Slate can be recycled.

What is slate metamorphosed from?

Slate is metamorphosed shale.

What is the luster for slate?

slate is smooth :o

Is shale harder than slate?

No. Slate is harder. Slate is shale that has been heated and compressed.

What has the author Alun John Richards written?

Alun John Richards has written: 'Welsh slate craft' -- subject(s): Slate industry, History 'A Gazeteer of the Welsh Slate Industry' 'The Slate Railways of Wales' 'Crefftwyr llechi' -- subject(s): Slate industry, History 'Slate quarrying in Wales' -- subject(s): History, Slate industry, Slate, Stone-cutters, Quarries and quarrying