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How to make mxit work on PC?

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first you download mpowerplayer

then you open it and look for mxit and start chating!

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How do you download mxit to your PC?

check you answer

How can you download mxit on your PC?

MXit has released a new suite of products in January 2010, named MXit EVO. It consists of a PC client that can be installed on a Windows PC and a webchat client that can be embedded on a website (e.g. by bloggers or for use from internet cafés).

How much is mxit PC per sms?

it is 1c

What are the costs on PC mxit?

Going on MXit on your PC is absolutely free! (Apart from your average internet cost etc.) Unless you intend on buying moola from a credit card off PC, you wont pay for your MXiteering on a computer.

How do you get a mxit PC password that you forgot with out sending a message?

Try if you have your email address entered on your MXit profile or when you registered.

What are the advantages of mxit?

what are the advantages of mxit? what are the advantages of mxit?

Ican not mxit on PC becauce you don't have GPRS how do you download GPRS so you can start chatting?

You need to connect your mobile/cell phone to your PC by means of eg. a bluetooth device. You need to connect to the internet first via your mobile service provider. Then log on to mxit PC.

Disadvantages of using mxit?

Lack of school work

How do you get mxit?

u can get mxit by going on the internet and downloading it

Can you chat to mobile phone Mxit users from Mxit on your Computer?

If you use your cell number and password for your cell phones mxit then you can chat to any person whos has mxit

How do you use mxit?

i use mxit charting with my friends that i know

When was mxit invented?

Mxit was invented by Herman Hun's in 2000

What is Vanessa Hudgens mxit contact?

What is vannesa hudgens mxit contact

Is Jake Austin on mxit?

yes Jake.T.Austin does have a mxit he also has a facebook

How can you make a mii on PC?

Not one that will work on the Wii.

Does jb have mxit?


Advantages and disadvantages of mxit?

advantages of mixit is that you can chat to friends and its so cheap!!!!!!!!!! you can keep intouch with friends that you dont see often the disadvantages of mxit is that it can leave viruses on your pc. if you spend too much time on mixit it can effect you phisically and socially. addiction is another disadvantage

Is there any tips for moonbase on mxit or glitches?

Yes, there are tips for moonbase on mxit. No, there are no glitches though

Can mxit be hacked?

Luckily, all information is stored on the MXit server, so no, it is impossible to have your MXit hacked unless the "hacker" has had access to the victim's phone or a very good knowledge on them ..

How to download Mxit on a cellphone from the computer?

I really don't know how to download mxit on the computer, could you show me how to?

How do you use Wikipedia on mxit?

Go to tradepost -> 11) MXit Reach -> 2) Education -> 3) Wikipedia

How do you join mxit?

Can mxit be dangerous?

yes mxit can be dangerous as you arent talking to the person face to face, it could be a 75 year old pedo for all you know, but mxit isnt as dangerous as everyone thinks just make sure you know who you r talking 2, dont go into chatrooms and remeber not to give away any personal info. :-)

How can you make the ps3 controller work for call of duty 4 on the PC?


You want to remote access to your home PC from your work PC what is the best secure way for doing this?

if u want to remote access your home PC from your work PC the best way is that if the both are at same place then make a cross cable and then join the both PC with the help of it

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