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see your manual. on left side of dash on drivers side there is a lever pull then go to hood life up slightly feel for another lever pull or push on it

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Q: How to open hood fo 98 Grand Cherokee?
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Can you fit a 98 Grand Cherokee radio casettes in a 93 Grand Cherokee?


Will the wheels from a grand Cherokee fit a 98 Cherokee?

I would think so.

Will 1994 Grand Cherokee drivers door fit a 1993 Grand Cherokee?

it should, 93 - 98 are the same

What doors will fit on a 96 jeep grand Cherokee?

Any door from a 93-98 Grand Cherokee should fit

Will a radiator from a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 fit in a 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0?


Will dodge neon injectors work in a 98 Grand Cherokee?


Jeep Cherokee 98 hood release right one side only how can you open it?

KEEP FLICKing it and pushing it and it will eventually come open :P:O:(:):B :L

Where exactly is the tcm and tcm fuse on 98 jeep grand Cherokee 4.0 4x4?

The engine computer also handles the transmission control on this year Grand Cherokee. It is on the firewall on the passenger side. It's fuses will be in the under hood fuse box.The engine computer also handles the transmission control on this year Grand Cherokee. It is on the firewall on the passenger side. It's fuses will be in the under hood fuse box.

Will a 98 grand Cherokee 5.9 bolt up to 4.0 transmission?


Grafic display modules of grand Cherokee Laredo 98?

fix it

Jeep Grand Cherokee 98 What color is the antifreeze?

Originally it was green.

Does rear hatch on 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee fit 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It should, the body on the Jeep ZJ 93 - 98 are the same.

Does a 98 jeep grand Cherokee have a timing belt?

No, the Grand Cherokee uses a timing chain which will most likely never need replaced, they are extremely durable.

Can you put Grand Cherokee rims on a Cherokee?

If the grand cherokee is a 93-98 yes... otherwise, no you cannot. 99+ Grand cherokee "rims" or wheels are a 5x5 (5x127 mm) bolt pattern while the cherokee has 5x4.5 you need not consider the size...15" 16" 17" will generally fit on a grand cherokee. It's the bolt pattern you need to pay attention to.

What transmission was in 98 grand Cherokee Laredo 6 cylinder?

Chrysler 42RE.

How do you check engine light on 98 grand Cherokee Laredo?

With a scan tool.

Black smoke coming out of 98 grand Cherokee what causes this?

02 sensor

How many fuel filters are there on a 98 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?


Your interior lights in your 98 grand Cherokee only shut off when you start it why?

The lights on your 98 Grand Cherokee are designed to turn off when you start the vehicle. This is how they are made. Once the doors and closed and the ignition is turned on, they turn off.

Where is the cabin air filter in a 98 jeep grand Cherokee?

98 cherokee did not come with a cabin filter, may have to fabricate one out a 99 one. talk to your jeep dealer for 99 cherokee cabin filter kit.

How do you program a key fob for a 98 jeep grand Cherokee?

With the dealers scan tool.

My 98 jeep Sahara grinds and will not go into 4 wheel low?

I have a 98 Grand Cherokee 5.9 limited that does the same thing.

Where is the cam sensor on a 1994 jeep grand Cherokee?

The cam sensor should be located underneathe your distributor cap. That is the placement on my 98 Grand Cherokee and it should be located there as well on yours.

98 Jeep fuse box?

If it is a grand Cherokee I believe it is located on the side of the dash on the pass. side of the vehicle. Open the pass side door and it should be right there....I think.

Will a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee rearend fit under a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Yes it will the only thing that changed from 94 to 98 was the placement of the foglights, placement of some badging and the interior was revised. All the suspension and drivetrain parts are interchangeable.