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First, you have to use something to break it up like a sword, or a different block. You can even use your hand. You wait for the "colored circle" to fill up when you click and hold. Then you walk on the little block to pick it up as it "floats". Hope this helped!!

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Q: How to pick up a block on minecraft?
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How do you use pick block in Minecraft on the mac?

Buy a mouse with a wheel or change the button required to use pick block.

How do you pick up fire in minecraft?

Fire as a block has been removed from the game, rendering this impossible unless you have a mod

How do you pick up a door in Minecraft?

Destroy it, then pick it up.

How do you collect water in minecraft?

You collect water with a bucket :) right click on a water source block to pick it up

Is Minecraft a sanmdbox game?

Minecraft is a sandbox game. You can pick up and manipulate almost every block, travel in any direction for as long as you want, and do whatever is in your capabilities.

How do you get a cactus block on minecraft pe?

Find one in the Desert, break it,and pick it up.congratulations you now have a cactus block!!!

How do you mine iron ore on minecraft?

You must have a Stone Pick-Axe or Higher... then find iron ore and left click it (and hold) until it breaks into a block that you can pick up!

How do you set 'Pick Block' to button '3' in Minecraft?

Go to: options Choose: Controls Click on: reset next to Pick Block option.* * If you want to change to something else click on what is currently selected then press the button you want to pick block. (Pick block only works in creative)

How do you pick up a minecraft cake?

Unfortunately you can't pick up cake when it has been placed.

What button do you press to change the object your holding in Minecraft?

Check on your control keys in the menu. Esc-Options-Controls. Look for the Pick Block if it says Button 3 its the middle button on your mouse like the wheeling thing. BE SURE TO HAVE MINECRAFT VERSION 1.8 OR THERE WOULD BE NO SUCH THING AS PICK UP BLOCK SETTING. AND PROTO JK. :)

How can you pick up Redstone in minecraft?

You have to left click it.

How do you pick up lava on Minecraft?

Use a bucket

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