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There should a programming guide in the users manual

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โˆ™ 2008-08-23 04:47:57
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Q: How to program a 1998 suburban keyless entry?
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How do you program a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee keyless entry?


How do you program a keyless entry remote for 1998 Monte Carlo?

On the inside of the keyless entry remote or sometimes on the back it explains how to do this. I believe you hold the unlock button along with the lock button for 7 seconds near the car. It will explain it on the inside of the keyless entry remote.

How much should it cost to program the keyless entry remotes for your 1998 Cadillac STS?

25 - 50 bucks at the dealer

Where location Keyless entery 1998 Subaru forrester?

The keyless module is under the dash on the driver side. Do a search for Subaru Keyless Entry System H7110FS300

Location of keyless entry module for 1998 Honda Accord?

The keyless entry module on a1998 Honda Accord is located underneath the dashboard. It is housed on the driver-side the of dash close to the main relay.

Location of the keyless entry module in 98 Saturn?

The location of the remote keyless entry module on a 1998 Saturn is in the rear of the passenger compartment. It is underneath the trim at about shoulder height by the right rear seat.

On 1998 dodge ram 1500 laramie slt do power door locks mean that remote keyless entry is an option?

It can have power locks with out keyless.

How do you program your keyless remote for a 1998 grand Cherokee?

the dealer does it with a scan tool

How do you find your keyless entry code for 1998 mark viii?

Open the trunk and it will be on the trunk lid hinge

Where can you find the keyless entry keypad code for a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer?

I have a 1998 and the code is in the back where your jack and accessories are.

Can you get the keyless entry code to your 1998 Mercury Mountaineer if you lost it?

Keyless entry codes for most makes and models can be obtained from a dealership with the VIN number and identification. If the code has been changed by a third party then the dealership will not be able to retrieve it.?æ

Does a Ford Explorer XLT 1998 have remote entry system?

It should , my 1995 Explorer XLT has a keyless entry pad on the drivers door and came with 2 remotes

Help you find your keyless entry code on a 1998 mercury mountaneer?

Look around the tailgate jams or dealership with your VIN #.

How do you reprogram keyless entry keypad for Grand Marquis 1998?

You cannot reprogram it. A dealer can get you the Master Code if you've lost it.

1998 Mercury Grand Marquis key fob program?

It seems like the 1998 grand marquis key-less entry model was the only model made where u would actually have to take to a dealership to have it program there as it requires a computer module to program it.. unlike the rest of all models where u would be able to program you're self.. with the key and keyless entry pin pad those procedures just wold not work on the 98 model.. have tried it out... and it not work..

Why does the keyless entry on your 1998 Dodge Durango only work sometimes?

I do not know, I have a 1999 and mine quit just about two months ago, I have replaced the battery and that didn't help, maybe you should try your battery though. I will probably just order a new keyless entry.

What does S12 on a 1998 Chrysler Town and Country driver side door?

Memory of seat position and mirrors for 2 different drivers, hold down S to set and then press 1 or 2 and you can push the keyless entry button after and that will put the seat into position for that keyless entry

How do i find out what keyless entry module is in a 1998 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 6cyl 4.0l engine?

this is located in passenger door switch

How do you program key less entry for 1998 GM jimmy?

you have to take it to the dealer.

Volvo-Guru answered--at 20071128191622AAFEd4Z How do you program a keyless entry remote on a 1998 Volvo?

My understanding is that you need to have it done at the dealer. There is no way of "cloning" an existing remote onto a second OEM one without dealer tools.

What does the body computer do on a 1998 Chrysler Town and Country?

The body computer controls the lights, door locks, wipers, part of the theft alarm, keyless entry,

How do you program the key less entry on a 1998 Yukon?

hold lock and unlock for about ten seconds

Will a keyless electric entry system work on an 1998 Ford F150. The keys seem to be worn out?

you can purchase new keys thru ford if you supply your VIN ,

Where is the reset for the keyless entry system for a 1998 Subaru Forester?

The button is just to the left of the steering column at the lowest point of the dash. It points straight down. --Ken

What does a RAP module do in a 98 Ford Explorer?

In a 1998 Ford Explorer : The RAP module ( Remote Anti-theft Personality module ) is used with your anti-theft system and your keyless remotes ( each vehicle with keyless entry has it's own factory code )