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How to refinish a hardwood floor?

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  1. Clean the surface
  2. Sand
  3. Oil, wax, or lacquer to finish.
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Q: How to refinish a hardwood floor?
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How much does it cost to refinish my hardwood floors.?

I need to someone to refinish my hardwood floors. What is the average price of doing so?

Where can a guide for refinishing hardwood floors be found?

I need to refinish my hardwood floors. Where can I find a guide for refinishing hardwood floors?

Is hardwood floor refinishing a challenge?

According to this old house, it is moderately difficult, mostly due to the time spend on your hands and knees trying to refinish the floor. Other than that, it requires sanding and staining it.

What is the average cost per square foot for hardwood floor refinishing by a professional?

have a few estimates and they are between $2-$3+ depending on floor condition. Should be able to find someone for about $2 or cheaper for straight refinish with no trouble areas.

Is it necessary to use hardwood floor cleaner on hardwood floors?

Hardwood floor cleaners are made specially to take care of hardwood floors in a way no other type of cleaner does. So, the short answer is yes, it is necessary to use hardwood floor cleaner on hardwood floors.

How much does hardwood floor installation cost?

Hardwood Floor Installations depends on various factors and the floors type (Solid Hardwood Floors, Engineered Hardwood Floors, Handscraped Hardwood Floors).

How do you install hardwood on steps?

You don't , you refinish the existing wood steps or buy replacement steps.

What is the best wood floor polish?

Bona Hardwood Floor Polish is environmentally friendly and can maintain any hardwood floor.

What is the best product for shiny hardwood floors?

Bruce hardwood floor cleaner is the best hardwood floor cleaner for day to day use.

How to refinish hardwood floors?

Remodeling my living room never felt so good. I'm looking for a redwood stain for the finishing of my hardwood floors, is there a website for that?

What is cheaper hardwood floor or ceramic tiles?

Hardwood flooring

What products are featured on the Orange Glo website?

Orange Glo is a Hardwood Floor Care business designed especially for people who live in a house with wooden floors. Some products are "Hardwood Floor Everyday Cleaner", "Hardwood Floor 4-in-1 Cleaner" and "Hardwood Floor Refinisher".

Is hardwood floor better than rug?

The flooring is all up to you. If you prefer a hardwood floor, go with that. If you want a rug floor, that's okay too. You can always do a combo of them, and make some of your floor hardwood, and the rest rug.

How to Refinish a Floor?

A hardwood floor can wear down over time, creating lighter colored spots on a floor. A floor refinishing gives new life to hardwood flooring, giving it the same appearance as new flooring. When refinishing a floor, it's important to sand off any existing finish. This can only be done on true hardwood floors - vinyl flooring with a wood veneer will be permanently damaged by sanding. After sanding, lay down a layer of stain on the flooring. Add a layer of polyethylene to protect the wood. Allow the flooring to dry for at least 24 hours, then buff the floor complete the refinishing job.

How to refinish a bamboo floor?

Sand it and then apply a new finish to it.

Paint first or refinish floor first?

Paint first

What is hardwood floor refinishing?

I want to do something different to my wooden floors. What does hardwood floor refinishing look like?

Can I refinish my hardwood floors myself, or do I need professional assistance?

Sure you can refinish your hardwood floors. The task itself isn't a difficult one in the sense of skill required. It's difficult because of the hard work, and patience required. All you do is sand them down and apply your stain finish.

Can I use a hardwood floor cleaner on any type of floor?

While you can use a hardwood floor cleaner on any type of floor, it will only be effective on hardwood. It won't really help on carpet, and in some cases may damage the carpet.

How do you remove stains from a hardwood floor?

Lightly spot sand and apply an appropriate finish to "hide" the blemish. If unsatisfactory, consider reappling the finish to the entire floor. If severe you may have to sand the spot down to bare wood and refinish it. If severe and covering large areas you may have to consider restoring the entire floor.

Can you refinish a bamboo floor?

Yes, you can sand and refinish a bamboo floor much like you would any other wood floor. Bamboo has a very low burn temperatures. Most manufactures recommend professional refinishing because of this.

What is a good alcohol based hardwood floor cleaners?

Bellaword hardwood floor cleaner, sold by Lumber Liquidators LLC.

Do hardwood floor vacuums work on any wood floors?

Generally, yes hardwood floor vacuums do work well on wood floors. However, some hardwood floor vacuums can damage softwood floors if the hardwood floor vacuums have tough bristled vacuums brushes or their wheels are made from hard materials.

Can you glue down hardwood floor on top of ceramic floor?

Not the best idea. Hardwood floor should be angle nailed down, but obviously you cant do that. I think hardwood flooring would dry out and separate in places if glued.

Can hardwood run parallel to JOISTS?

If you're installing hardwood floor boards over a strong 3/4 inch plywood sub-floor, then yes, you can install the hardwood floor parallel to the joists. If your sub-floor is weak, then you should fix the subfloor.