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Press lock button for 5-8 seconds or press lock button 4-5 time continuously.

Then lock menu will be appear, it will show lock in ON.

Use volume key to make it off :).

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Q: How to remove child lock on videocon tv?
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How do you remove child lock on nobel tv 14n21a?

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How to remove TV lock?

my tv has child lock on without a remote how do i fix this? also my tv wont turn on at all.

How do you remove child lock on dse col tv model G6021 51cm?

Hold down the call button for 3sec to remove child lock. Hope that helps - storm711 c",)

What is the password to unlock television of videocon model no challenger 22?

plese send me password videocon challenger22

How do you turn off the child lock on proline tv?

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What services are provided by Videocon?

Videocon specializes in consumer electronics and home appliances. Services provided by Videocon includes the selling of color televisions, washing machines, and air conditioners, mixed with a brand new line of mobile phones.

What is the History of videocon company?

History of Videocon Videocon is an Indian multinational with interests in Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Colour Picture Tube Glass, and Oil & Gas. Videocon was founded in 1987 by Nandlal Madhavlal Dhoot. At that time it used to manufacture TV and Washing Machine. In 1989- 90, Videocon started manufacturing Home Entertainment Systems, Electric Motors & AC. Videocon entered Refrigerators and coolers segment in 1991. In 1995, Videocon started manufacturing Glass shells for CRT and in 1996 it ventured into Kitchen appliances and crude oil segment. In 1998, Videocon started manufacturing Compressors & Compressor Motors. In the year 2000, Videocon tookover Philips Color TV Plant. In 2005, Videocon tookover 3 plants of Electrolux India and acquired Thomson CPT. Today, it has evolved into a giant conglomerate with annual revenues of over U$4.1 billion.

How do you synchronize sony lcd tv remote and videocon dth remote?

When trying to sync your Sony television with your Videocon rote, refer to the owner's manual for both devices. If the devices are not compatible, you will not be able to sync them.

How do you turn the child lock of on daewoo tv without remote controler?

how to turn off child-lock without remote daewoo DL-32C3

Forgot your child lock password to Pentus LCD tv?

Ours was '00000'

How do you take of child lock on tv?

go outside do 89push ups and do u no ten ya feed ur dog then ta da there u go now go figure it out ur self

Tcl child lock I accidentally have turned the child lock in my TCL TV on. But since i don't have the remote i cannot turn my TV on. How can i fix this? the same prob last week. the only answer to the prob is a remote control coming from the distributor... you can search the net for the distributor of the TCL TV you have. they will ask you for the tv model. any remote control won't do, it must be a TCL RC alone.