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I didn't know that there were swimming metal walls.

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Q: How to repair metal above ground pool walls?
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Can above ground pool walls be repaired?

If they are rusted out no

What is a radiant pool?

above ground pool walls have insulation in them

What is the best material for a above ground pool wall?

pee seems a very good material for the walls of above ground pools

Do you still need to cover a totally drained above ground pool?

Above-ground pools are not intended to be totally drained. The walls will collapse.

What material is best for the in ground vinyl pool walls polymer or metal?

Polymer. Metal rusts, polymer can't.

When heating a pool why does inground or above ground matter?

inground pools hold the heat better as the ground naturally acts as an insulator above ground pools have more area to loose heat eg side walls

What can be used to cover walls with metal?

Is that What product or material can be used to cover metal walls? or What product do I use to cover metal walls?

Can cut out and replace full sections of above ground pool walls?

That would be doubtful. The pressure of all that water would open up the repair like you cut it with a knife. You are going to have to replace the whole liner as one piece.

How do you ground a car wire?

Connect it to the frame/chassis -- the major metal parts of the car, such as the walls of the engine compartment.

How can an operator repair pinhole leaks in the walls of a chlorine cylinder?

I suppose that the recommended solution is to send this cylinder to metal scrap.

Do you have to keep water in an above ground pool year round?

No , above ground pools are different in that you can drain them , the reason you cannot drain an in ground pool is because the pool is built to have water pressure , and it is very stressful on the walls , I hope this answered your question :) .

Do carbohydrates repair cell walls?


How a house is built?

A house is built from the ground up. It starts with a good foundation. This can be either a solid concrete slab or pilings for a house above ground. Then you add walls and a roof.

Why does the ground have to be level for above ground pools?

So that the water doesn't drain out of the pool and so the pool doesn't fall over. I agree with the answer above but I have a more detailed answer. In a round above ground pool the water puts even pressure on the pool walls, and if the ground is not level one side will get more pressure. The imbalance will cause the pool to collapse under the strain.

How do you install an above ground pool?

To install an above ground pool you will have to level the ground where the pool will be placed. You should then add a layer of sand. You should lay out the bottom rails and connect them as shown in the directions next. Install the walls, uprights, and wall bars. The liner will be installed last.

Are swimming pools aluminum?

The walls of some above ground and some inground vinyl liner pool kits are made of aluminum.

Is 2 inch difference of level ground okay for ground swimming pool?

If this is for an above ground swimming pool, I would level the ground before putting up the pool. Otherwise, the weight of the water might collapse one of the walls of the pool.

Is it OK to backfill around the outside of an above ground pool?


Does Homeowners insurance cover water damage from sprinklers soaking through walls?

As long as the water entered above the ground surface level.

How many gallons of water does a 18 foot above ground pool with 48 inch walls filled to skimmer level hold?


How do you repair corroding aluminum walls in your inground pool?

When alluminium corrodes it needs to be replaced you cant repair it.

Can you have a salt water system in an above ground pool?

it is not recommended if you have steel walls exposed because the splash out will quickly eat away at them. you could build am impremeable wall around the steel walls however, salt in the air will still attack them rapidly. It is not recommended and we as a company do not install them on above grounds for this reason.

Can i get a used pool?

Yes as long as the above ground pool walls aren't rusted and all the parts are there its easily removed and relocated. You will need a new liner.

Can dirt come in contact with above-ground pool walls as long as the pool level never drops below dirt level if there is only 6 to 8 inches of dirt around the bottom?

Dirt holds moisture or water, the walls of an above ground pool are thin, yes you can put dirt around the walls, however the trade off is going to be you will shorten the length of life of the pool walls because they will rust away, so you are the one that needs to decide what you want to do, you can put plastic between the walls and the dirt or sand that will give you some extra time before the walls and frame rust away. Just a reminder from me the bottom of all most all above ground pools have dirt or sand around the bottom of the frames and a little bit of dirt on the walls you should get 5 years or a little more before the frame weakens or the side or a wall blows out. your warranty should disclose this information, or call a pool dealer in your area.

How do you repair the outside pool walls of an above ground pool that is buried two feet down into the groud and has rusted so that the liner is coming through.?

I would just dig out the pool and build a new one, because you can't really fix the rust apart from scraping and sanding it off and the structure is weakened.