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How to replace idler pulley on 1992 Olds Cutlass Ciera?

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take off the belt and there is one bolt take it off and put a new one one.

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How do you replace the idler pulley on 1992 350 engine?

Remove the old, damaged idler pulley and replace it with a new one.

How do you replace the idler pulley on a 1997 dodge caravan?

Remove the belt, then remove the bolt holding in the idler pulley.

Can't loosen idler tension pulley on air conditioner idler pulley?

Replace the tensioner assembly as one piece.

Mercury villager idler pulley frozen?

If the idler pulley is frozen, it is high time to replace the timing belt and the idler. And while that job is being done, consider replacing the water pump and thermostat.

What is the pulley under the alternator in a 1994 Chevy caprice 5.7L and how hard is it to change?

Are you talking about the "idler pulley"? They are quite simple to change. Loosen the serpentine belt by using a socket on the center of the tensioner pulley, slide the belt off the idler pulley, use a socket to pull the center bolt of the idler pulley and replace the pulley with a new one.

How do you change the idler pulley on a 43 vortec?

Take the belt off, take the bolt off of the idler pulley, take the pulley off, put a new one on replace the bolt, and put the belt back on

1990 Comanche why does the sernetime belt squike?

Belt is worn out, or the idler pulley is defective. Replace the belt and inspect the idler puley.

How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 1997 Ford Thunderbird?

Remove your idler pulley first. it is the pulley right next to the alternator.

How do you replace an idler pulley on a 97 Buick park ave ultra?

go to youtube and type in ericthecarguy and change pulley

How do you replace an idler pulley on a 1991 Jeep Cherokee 6-cylinder automatic?

Try to replace only bearing #6203 2Z inside of pulley.

Where is the idler pulley on a 1996 Chevy Cavalier?

I don't believe there is an idler pulley on that model, just a tensioner pulley

How do you replace an idler pulley on a 1997 Ford F150 5.4ltr?

Remove serpentine belt. Remove pulley. Install new pulley. Install serpentine belt.

How do you replace idler pulley on 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The idler pulley is located just under the A/C compressor. There is a bolts in the middle of the pulley that needs to be removed and the idler pulley can be removed. Sometimes these bolts stick and my need to be pryed off. You may also want to removed the radiator fans cow to give you some extra room.

How do you replace the idler pulley on a 1993 Geo Prism?

I assume you mean the idler pulley on the A/C belt. I have not replaced this particular item but it should be simple. Looking from the top of the engine compartment on the passenger side you will see the idler pulley with a mounting/locking bolt which attaches the pulley and the tension adjusting point immediately above it. Loosen the pulley locking bolt by turning counter clockwise. Relieve belt tension by turning the adjuster bolt counter clockwise. Remove the belt and pulley. Replace in the reverse order.

How do you replace the idler pulley on a 2001 zx2?

Remove serpentine belt. Unbolt old pulley. Install new one & serpentine belt.

Can the idler pulley be the problem on my car because when i brake the car dies?

The idler pulley has nothing to do with the brakes. If the idler pulley is bad it could throw or break a belt, and then your engine will stop.

How do you change idler pulley on 2001 Monte Carlo?

You can change an idler pulley on a 2001 Monte Carlo by first, removing the negative cable from the battery. Using a socket wrench, loosen the tension adjustment bolt. Slide the serpentine belt away from the pulley. Remove?æthe center bolt, and remove the pulley from the engine. Replace the pulley,?æreturn and tighten the bolts, and replace the serpentine belt.

How do you replace serpentine belt on 2006 Acura MDX?

around the crank pulley them over to the idler pulley then arounmd a/c pulley up to the alt. pulley then to the p/s pulley to the tentioner. there wasnt that easy

How do you replace the idler pulley in a 95 Dodge Stratus?

Remove belt. Remove the bolt and then pull the pulley off. Put new pulley in position. Put the belt back on.

When to replace upper and lower idler pulleys?

only if the idler arm will not hold the tension on the belt and the pulley needs replaced when the are warn sharp or warn flat

How does the idler pulley look on a jeep motor?

In an Inline 6 Jeep engine, the idler pulley is located to the right of the A/C pulley. It is a smooth pulley, not a grooved one.

How do you replace idler pulley on 96 Saturn sl1?


How do you replace the idler pulley on 1995 Saturn?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_n76-CqvJ2k richpin

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