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How to replace the ignition lock for a lumina 93?


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2015-07-16 18:29:53
2015-07-16 18:29:53

First you need to remove the steering wheeel. 2 remove the hazard switch screw, remove the 3 screws holding the turn signal switch, you need to remove the plastic cover below the drivers side to get access to the wires for the turn signal switch unplug the wires for the turn signal switch slide the turn signal switch up no need to remove if. 3 you can get a tool from a parts store to compress the black metal cover it does have a plastic cover over the metal,the tool will screw onto the column then tighten the top of the tool down and this will compress the spring below the black cover, with a couple of small screw drivers you can remove the metal clip that holds the black cover down, with clip removed loosen up the tool remove the tool the clip and the blcck cover. 4 there is a torx screw that holds the lock remove the screw and the lock assm. will pull out


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