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Little ducks = Patitos

Baby = Bebé

Little baby ducks = Patitos bebé

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Q: How to say little baby ducks in spanish?
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How do you say a little something for you baby in spanish?

un poquito

How do you say baby Eeyore in spanish?

Bebe Igor (baby eeyore) Pequeño Igor (little eeyore)

How do you say goodnight little baby in spanish?

"buenas noches bebito/bebita"

What does little poop mean in spanish?

as you asked it you would say poquita popo as in the baby has a little dudu

How do I say a little In Spanish?

muchacho or nino, and nino has a ~ over the second n

How do you say i have a little baby brother in spanish?

you can say "tengo un hermano pequeño" or "tengo un hermano menor".

How do you say im a little crying baby in spanish?

Yo soy un llorron (or: una llorrona - feminine)

How do you say baby chick in spanish?

The most common word I've heard is "pollito" meaning little chicken.

How do you say I love you baby in Spanish?

Te amo, nene / nenaTe Amo Baby --- This is not Spanish!

How do you say ducks and cats in the desert in spanish?

patos y gatos en el desierto.

How do you say is your little boy excited about the new baby in Spanish?

Es usted niño entusiasmado con el nuevo bebé

How do you say little piggy in spanish?

The Spanish word for 'little piggy' is 'cochinito'.