How to study biology?

Updated: 11/7/2022
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Biology is a content-based subject. It is inevitable that new terms have to be familiarized with and memorized. However, as long as you manage to grip good use of language, you would just have to understandthe meanings and concept of these new terms and write them down in your own words whenever there is a need. For application questions, like many other sciences, do not be intimidated by either: the overwhelming information, or: knowledge that you've never come across. For the overwhelming information, filter out useful ones( a highlighter would definitely allow you to focus on the keypoints). For knowledge you've never come across, do not fear as these questions usually test on the skills that you should have and learnt so far. Generally, your textbook is the first book that you should be revising through. When you've fully understood the concept, browse through your school's notes and test papers that you've taken. Take note of the common questions they would ask and observe how the question should be answered. Know that you should use a highlighter to highlight only the keywords( and not the whole sentence). Then, draw a mindmap with the topic(e.g Diffusion and Osmosis) in the middle. Draw out lines from this centre and write down the sub-topics. You should have familiarized with the contents of the textbook and hence it is advisable to close your textbook and then write down the concepts and meanings of each keywords. Everyone has a different learning style. If this isn't helpful, you can always record your voice while reading the textbook aloud. However, it would be too time-consuming. There are many more learning styles waiting to be explored. Give yourelf time to discover which is truly yours. Do not wait till the last minute as cramping your work won't work. Hope I've been helpful.

(Burmese Student studying in Singapore. Sec3)

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Q: How to study biology?
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The Study of Biology includes the study of Molecular /Ecology Biology,Cells, Living nonliving things, our environment, Genetics, Evolution, a little bit of Chemistry and Physics, Behavioral Biology, Physiology,Geography, in short, all sciences combined make Biology- study of life.

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Biology. Bio- = life -logy= The study of Biology = The study of life.

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Biology is the study of living things not proteins

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Biology is the study of life on Earth. The study of Earth itself is Earth science, which includes biology, geology, meteorology and oceanography.

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Biology is the study of life and it's surroundings.Biology is the study of life and it's surroundings.

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