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How to swim underwater without holding your nose?

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This is the easiest way to not hold your nose underwater. When you go underwater, blow bubbles out of your nose. This will prevent the water from entering your nose. Just blow bubbles out of your nose frequently and no water will get up your nose.

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How do you relieve the pressure that you feel when you swim deep without going back to the surface?

You just plug your nose and and try to to blow air out of it. kind of like blowing your nose underwater.

Can a locust swim underwater?

Locust can not swim underwater.

How do you swim without plugging your nose?

you dont need to

Do geese swim underwater?

A group of ducks called diving ducks swim underwater. Mallards can swim underwater if threated. Geese do no underwater swimming.

Can pandas swim underwater?

yes a panda can swim underwater

Can black bears swim underwater?

black bears can swim underwater

How have clown-fish adapted?

They can breathe underwater because they have gills. They also have fins so they can swim underwater without sinking.

Is an alligator a reptile or an amphibian?

Alligator is a reptile It can swim, but they lay eggs on land they can't breathe underwater. they have nose plugs.

What bird can fly and swim under water the longest?

The penguin can swim the longest underwater. The penguin can swim the longest underwater.

How do you use underwater in a sentence?

I like to swim underwater.

Why upthrust force is important for whale?

It needs help to swim underwater, else it wouldn't survive! They need to be able to swim without sinking to the bottom of the ocean and just swim around it needs to be able to swim anywhere.

How do penguins swim?

They swim by using their flippers. They swim like how a bird flys but underwater

Is the word underwater an adjective?

Yes. Underwater can be used as an adjective and an adverb. adjective: underwater expedition adverb: swim underwater

Do rattlesnakes swim underwater?


Can penguins swim underwater?

Yes they can

Can gerbils swim underwater?

yes they can

Do black bears swim underwater?


Can grizzly bears swim underwater?


Can mice swim underwater?

Yes Mice can swim but they might not like it .

Can snakes bite underwater?

Yes, Snakes can bite underwater, that is why it is dangerous to swim in swamps and other places Snakes are known to swim.

Can swim underwater and walk on land and has a big bite?

A crocodile and an alligator can swim underwater, walk on land and have big bites.

Can mice swim under water?

Mice cannot swim underwater, but they can swim on top of the water.

How deep can whales swim in the ocean?

Whales cannot swim very far underwater just because they are too big. Whales can swim up to 3000 feet underwater.

What kind of Webkinz swims?

All Webkinz can swim in a pool in your online backyard. Only fish Webkinz can swim in a underwater room without a bubble. Other Webkinz of yours that are not a fish will automatically get an air bubble when they enter a underwater room. In real life, Webkinz stuffed animals can't swim, but they can float.

What bird can swim underwater the longest?