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scroll your mouse wheel. if you want to swap into another weapon,(ex. handgun => revolver) get the weapon and press tab.

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Q: How tochange weapons in gta vice city PC CD?
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What is the unlockin code of gta vice city


What is the unlockin code of gta vice city

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vice city for sure (+[___]::)

Top 5 grand theft auto games?

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God mode on gta vice city on PC?

There is no god mode for GTA Vice City.

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there is no way to get flash in gta vice city.try applying some mod to have the flash and the game gta vice city from the internet.

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There is no building with the parachute in the game Gta vice city.The building is in the game Gta SA.You cannot get a parachute in the game of gta vice city.

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There is no cheat for jet plane in GTA Vice can get it in GTA sanandreas but not in vice city.

How to change weapons in gta vice city on a laptop?

By default you can use the mouse wheel to scroll through your weapons.

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There was 5 gta games released for the PS2. They were gta 3, gta vice city, gta San Andreas, Liberty City stories and Vice City stories.

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