How true is that planet x is coming to earth?

It is not at all true. There is no "planet x" and nothing is going to collide with earth - that we know of.

This is not to say that nothing will ever hit the Earth; the news has been full of reports of meteorite impacts recently. A fireball lit the night sky a few months ago over Canada, and another last week over Denmark, and one a couple of months ago that hit a muddy field in South America. And just this week, here's a NASA report on a 10-meter asteroid that is in a "co-orbit" with Earth, 400,000 miles away.

And then there's the "Apophis" asteroid which will come quite close to Earth - but not collide - on Friday, April 13, 2029 and again on Friday, April 13, 2036.

There's lots of stuff in space. But the big stuff has all been identified, and the little stuff that will surprise us is mostly too small to do major damage.

But tell that to the guy who found that a meteorite had smashed his new car in his driveway, or the woman who was astonished to have a meteorite crash through her roof and land in her bathtub!