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Validity of anything is determined by the results and consequences of that particular thing to most people. If you have a positive experience with something, then you tend to treat it as valid, and the opposite is true if you have a negative experience. Astrology, according to those who practice it and believe in it, is a combination Art and Science. The making of the horoscope, or the birth chart, is based on scientific and mathematical calculations, which measure the relationship between the planetary elements against their galactic locale. The interpretation of such calculations, and their proper conveyance to the respective individuals, is where the art lies. This art, as in the case with all arts, has to be mastered by people before making such interpretations and predictions. Over the centuries, there have been various arguments, for and against astrology and its validity. There is much documentary evidence available to uphold the validity of astrology and to refute fallacies about it. Even then, there are many who believe in it and also many who don�t. Some people may argue that astrology is valid because otherwise how would it have stood the 'test of time' and still have widespread use today. It is still used because, like any other belief, if something can help explain the seemingly unexplainable or give people hope or direction, then many will follow it. But belief in something does not make it true. Astrology is basically a superstition that can be fun but it remains a pseudoscience.

Astrology is not a science, as evidenced by the lack of astrology courses offered by colleges and universities. It's a popular form of fortunetelling and, later, character analysis. As such, it's as valid as any other form of contemplation (meditation, Tarot, etc.) and any other form of soothsaying (i.e., not at all).

None it is lies.

Depends of the culture. Think of all these old "esoteric" sciences of the Orient that were defined as obsolete and "stupid" some years ago are now beginning to be more and more accepted by Occident researchers and the mass in general. Astrology is a science itself, but as there were so many liars who claimed to be doctors in 1900s and before - the Astrology domain is actually overpolluted by so many opportunists, has suffered of bad timing with our social evolution and has open the door so big to different kind of extremist that there is no way to consider this science "Valid" by the modern institutions and governments right now. With the latest discovery in term of cosmic pattern, there is a big chance that Astrology get more serious in some time as this science has driven many past and present authority figures, but a lot of water will pass under the bridges and by the time it happens, it will be named something else to not insult the modern incredules.

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Q: How valid is the science of Astrology?
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Related questions

Is astrology a science or not?

No, astrology is not a science. It doesn't meet the criterion to be considered a science. What astrology says it does it cannot do repeatedly, and repeatability is a fundamental concept of science.

Is astrology a branch of science?

Astrology is not considered a branch of science, because it does not utilize science to reach its conclusions.

Is astrology science?

Astrology is not science as it is not based on hypothesis or anything repeatable.

What is the interrelationship between earth science and astrology?

There is no relationship between earth science and astrology as astrology is a pseudo science. There is however an interrelationship between earth science and astronomy as these are both true sciences.

Does astrology have anything to do with math?

No, mathematics is a science, astrology is not.

Why is Astrology not considered science?

astrology is not a science as it is not proved by scientific methods or based on any scientific reason.

How does astrology considered a pseudo-science differ from true science?

Science relies on fair tests and repeatable analysis. Astrology is not proven to work at all. It is not a science as it does not rely on the same principles of science.

What is a sentence with the word astrology in?

Astrology is a pseudo-science and not to be relied upon.

What is the difference between astrology and psychology?

Astrology is the study of the consolations and personality traits of someone born under a sign, while psychology is the study of the human mind. Psychology is a science, astrology is considered a psuedo-science.

What is based on science astrology or astronomy?

Astronomy and Astrology are often confused, however, astronomy is science, it is the scientific study of any object outside of the Earth's atmosphere. Astrology is like the horoscope, it is using the constellations overhead at the time of your birth to predict things that will happen in your life. Astrology is not proven science and is more superstition.

Would you give me a sentence with the word astrology in it?

I don't believe in astrology. Astrology and astronomy used to be the same science.

What is the science that deals with the universe?


Can a Taurus man be faithful?

Astrology is a pseudo-science, not to be relied on for, say marriage counseling. It has been repudiated by most orthodox scientists, as well as the Catholic Church. Among other errors, astrology is based on an obsolete calendar and the signs, such as Taurus, are out of synch with the calendar months. The Babylonian calendar- which is what astrology uses as ( holy writ) was based on a sky-view from the middle east- and a ten-month 360 day calendar- no longer valid. try psychology- not astrology.

What field of science studies planets?


Why is astrology pseudoscience and not a science?

Just because it has the word science in it doesn't mean it's an actual science.

Why is astrology a part of science?

Astrology is the science of planets. This science depicts the effects of planet on human lives.Vedic astrology is the branch of astrology which deals with the study of Veda’s or we can also say it as Hindu astrology. This is because, in India, the study of astrology is from the Vedic period and since last several thousand years, people are practicing this divine science.Importance of Vedic AstrologyThe term vedic astrology or the hindu astrology, has been used as the English equivalent of Jyotisha since 19th century. Vedic astrology is relatively a recent term, which entered common usage in the 1970s with self-help publications on Ayurveda or Yoga. Some authors have argued that in the mythology, such as Ramayan and Mahabharata, only electional astrology, omens, dreams and physiognomy is used, but, still, there are several articles and blogs published which cites multiple references in those books where rashi(zodiac) is based.

Is astrology a science like astronomy is?

Not at all. Astrology is a superstition, based on lots of unproven - and quite illogical - assumptions.

Is astrology a branch of physical science?

Nowadays, it is not. Astronomy has taken out all non demonstrated and all non scientific aspects of Astrology and has taken its place in the physical sciences. However, in the past, astrology could be considered as a science as well as alchemy was replaced by chemistry.

Which of the following is an example of pseudo science?

An example of pseudo science is: Astrology

What subjects were the people in the Renaissance interested in?

Astrology and science

What course of work are astronomers in?

Science & astrology

What is a characteristic of physics that astrology does not have?

Science, as astrology is not a science. Nobody adheres to defined parameters and nobody measures the results empirically. You can but no astrologer does it. Plus all say that a successful prediction is one that is avoided so if you fail you then succeed, get it? In any actual science if your experiment fails it fails; it is not then proof your theory is a law. Astrology is notastronomy.

What is the place that uses telescopes and other scientific equipment to research space and astrology?

Astrology is a pseudo-science, a superstition. You don't need scientific equipment to "research" astrology. In fact, there is hardly any research going on in astrology. Perhaps you confused astrology with astronomy.

Why asrology can not considered to be a science?

Astrology is not a science because it is not based on evidence and has not been properly explained.

Why isn't astronomy science?

Astronomy is a specialised branch of Science. Astrology, however, while a study of the stars, is not a branch of science.